Back 2 School? What Age Can You Race Club100?

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C100R1-1991September is approaching and young hearts are sinking at the prospect of a return to school (none of us are too old to remember the end of the summer holidays).  What is not commonly known is the minimum age for racing in Club100, the answer may surprise you.


Competitors can race with Club100 at the age of 14 in the year of your 15th birthday.
Drivers under 16 years must still meet the following criteria –
Minimum weight 55KG
Minimum Height 1.65 Metres

Karting is an excellent environment for young people to mature amongst fellow racers and adults, and Club100 in particular enjoys and promotes, close, hard and fair racing, with respect for fellow competitors, customers and staff alike. And in Club100 it really is true.

C100R6-0004Club100 races one weekend a month from February to November each year. We could be an excellent motivator or reward for successful studies, or indeed a welcome distraction from them. Club100 represents one of the most cost effective entries into motorsport, no need to buy expensive equipment (kart, engines, trailer) or learn complicated technical skills (“spannering”) because Club100 provide everything. We are the pinnacle of arrive and drive karting in the UK, you just need to arrive, and after a safety briefing, drive in a friendly, competitive, and, as much as is possible, safe environment. And increasingly we are seeing our members are enjoying success further up the motorsport ladder with talent developed, skills honed and often kept sharp by still racing in Club100.


C100Whilton2-6707Club100 are offering special rates for our forthcoming test session at the fanatastic, picturesque Whilton Mill circuit in Northamptionshire on Sunday 4th September.

Registration at 09:15
On Circuit at 10:00 – 11:00

Price for 1 Hour Test (Max 2 drivers) = £110 inc – List Price £152
Price for 30 Minute Test (Single driver) = £55 inc – List Price £80

The number to call – 01795 422455.

Club100 Racing… Race hard, shake hands.