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I sincerely hope that this message finds you, your family and close friends safe and well.

I mentioned in my last update that I would be updating competitors this week, in the hope that I would have some positive news and therefore be in a position to notify you of a more settled set of plans going forward. Unfortunately due to the government’s announcement last week for a further 3 weeks of lockdown, I am still unable to broadcast any good news at this stage.

I am sorry to advise that we have therefore had to postpone our events scheduled for the month of May. The events being Whilton Mill – 15th/16th/17th May and Rye House – 30th/31st May.

The replacement dates are as follows –

  • Whilton Mill – 4th/5th/6th December
  • Rye House – 29th/30th August

So once again, I am asking for your continued patience whilst we continue observing the strict guidelines from our government.

What I can share with you is our own governing body Motorsport UK are regularly in touch with the Department for Media, Culture and Sport, working tirelessly to find the fastest and best solutions in getting our sport back up and running as soon as we see signs of restrictions being lifted.

And I will always keep you posted on any progress. In the meantime, take good care and check out the details for our 6 Hour Special Event, scheduled for August 23rd at PF International.

John Vigor

CEO, Club100 Racing Ltd