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They say the month of May is about Indy and the 500, or maybe it’s Monte Carlo and the grand prix. And traditionally that might be true. But we know its really about Spa and the 10 Hour, don’t we? Yes…

IMG 0949Team principals have already received this information pack for the event this morning and the important stuff is attached here for your delectation.

Spa Francorchamps 2017 – Event details

Spa Rules and Regs 2017

There’s no excuse for not familiarising yourself with rules. And there’s so many of you, and a good few of them (rules), to go through that you don’t want to fail the entrance exam on Saturday at signing on…

Spa Francorchamps 2017 – Team List Revised

A few things are worth pointing out, first PASSPORT, TICKETS, please drive safely, we’re not sure what state the runaround Brussels will be this year but rush hour was always rubbish, and you can’t allow enough time. We’re unaware of any industrial strikes planned for the weekend, but it never takes much for one to kick off. Please respect Belgium speed limits and highway code, just because “it’s abroad” don’t test the local constabularies patience. Have the gear the French expect in the boot of your car, high vis, fuses, bulbs (we know no one can actually change a modern bulb, at the roadside, without dropping the whole front end off your vehicle) but who wants a police escort to the mini bank? Nominate a designated driver, and if you’re on Tanked Up’s Banter Bus, keep the designated driver sober. To finish first, one must arrive.

18519287 10154423541422751 588878983 oAs to imbibing the local waters, Matt Hale and the 3 G3Pro (the finest motoring products) teams are intent on taking up residence in Le Bidul, a bar opposite the Casino, we don’t know if he has a tab arranged there, but you’re invited to join him. Almost certainly the staff will begin their evenings at the bar opposite the Best Western from Thursday evening on, there is no truth to the rumour that a staff kart is available to the highest bidder of staff beers. It’s not true. It isn’t. But we’d like you to think so. More fool you, more drunk us. And of course over the road on the other side of the main road is the Radisson – is the ultimate comfy chair hotel experience where the well heeled, but drunk, will be lowering the tone in better shoes. How the other ‘arf live.

Spa Francorchamps 2017 – Itinerary

IMG 0952As to racing, please arrive in plenty of time, bring lots of water, sunblock and waterproof clothing, perhaps a woolly, anything can happen. Its Spa. And Spa weather. The cafe is lovely with some fare and nice beer (after racing) but your favourite English racing snacks, and Brit pop, etc. mean you need to stop at a mini mart and stock up. And bring all your race kit WE ARE NOT BRINGING ANY RACE KIT that has not already been pre arranged with us by Tuesday 23rd. We are really tight for space this year. And BALLAST we won’t have much, so come on there’s 3 or 4 of you on your team, you can SORT IT before the event!

Spa Francorchamps 2017 – Information

We have scrapped Saturday morning practice/qualifying in favour of a 10min practice session for each driver prior to each race, you can explore rebuilt engines and new everything else on the karts, which will be fettled and run in, on Friday by our team of crack professionals, and as the karts are rotated through the field through the 7 Saturday races, it seems logical to give the drivers the real practice prior to their first individual races.

IMG 0982After kart allocation on Sunday we will kick off with a practice session for you to sort your kart for the day, and clear your head of Saturday night’s beer fug. We’ve scrapped Sunday’s F1 style super pole. There’s no novelty to it anymore. You pay the same money, you should have the same track time. So it’s a 5min qually, because the track is too narrow for 37 wide into turn 1, then boom into two 2.5hr endurance races (8 & 9) to determine the ultimate champions of Spa, and a nice shield to take home, currently residing safely on the wall above Darren Teal’s marital bed, and trophies for the top 3 in each class, give a gurn to the photographer, enjoy a bubbly shower, smell of it all the way home, and we’re out of here, before Belgium knows what hit them.

13315667 1098660910191816 5752231401018033588 nAnd maybe watch some of it back when you get home, safe and sound, after quiet weekend in the Ardennes, with just a little karting with friends thrown in.