SHOCK! Secret Out! 2019 Join The Evo. Club100 Powered By The Rotax Max Evo!

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SHOCK! Secret Out! 2019 Join The Evo. Club100 Powered By The Rotax Max Evo!

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Video Launch of Club100 EVO 2019

For the last 25 years, Club100’s weapon choice has been the TKM BT82 engine. A reliable unit that has reawarded our customers with a wealth of enjoyment, fun and on the whole, reliability. The TKM, with its direct drive transmission has been preferred to the clutched and electric start option.

DSC 8714Over the last 10 or so years we have been keeping a close eye on the development of 2 stroke clutched and electric start engines. In the past the reliability for running this type of engine on an ‘arrive & drive’ basis has not been convincing. However, the development of these components has progressed enormously, to a point where the steel clutch, starter motors, batteries and wiring looms are now 100% more reliable and durable. This has given us the confidence to take the decision and offer this package to our customers.

With that confidence a modern day clutched engine with electric start offers many benefits for both an operator and a driver. For one, it removes the need for pusher karts. No more waiting a lap or so to get re-started. No more having to get out of your kart, picking it up and dragging back on to the circuit. For Club100 Racing this reduces our health and safety risks dramatically. The risk in the pit lane will be greatly reduced at the same time. No longer will our endurance teams have to worry about bump starting from the fuel bay. No longer will our sprint drivers have to help push out after racing. All in all, it is a much safer environment, and also less physical effort for some of our slighter build drivers both younger and female drivers looking for affordable ways to enter motorsport.

DSC 8898While we have spent the best part of the year testing the clutched version of the TKM engine, as many of you will have seen at the endurance events. Similarly, what may be of surprise to you, is that we have also been privately testing the Rotax Evo engine throughout the year and have been thoroughly satisfied with the results from the testing.

After this  extensive testing programme throughout the year, we have settled on a unique Club100 specification for the Rotax Evo and Birel N35X chassis that delivers slightly more power compared to the TKM to the tune of 0.5+ of a second per lap while also being a much smoother drive.

Consequently Club100 are excited to announce that we have decided to invest in a fleet of 46 Rotax Evo engines for 2019.

We are also absolutely confident that you will enjoy driving the Club100 karts with the new Evo engines in 2019.

Follow our Facebook , Twitter and bookmark this website for news and information on the 2019 Club100 Racing season. Look out for when entries open for registration to our 2019 championships in late November, but for more information look HERE for drivers and teams, for the new 2019 CALENDAR of events and be in at the new beginning of an exciting chapter of Club100 Racing.

We’re about to evolve, come join the EVO, and be part of the Evolution.