Season 25 Opens With An Anniversary, Part 4

C100R1 2113 scaled

Think it of as a shakedown for your 2017 season, and relief from the itch thats been intensifying since the end of last season.

When we get to Buckmore Park on Sunday 29th January 2017, our fleet will be like NEW, gleaming, complete with our new braking system and rebuilt engines. We’re using the event to get back into our slick operational groove. You should take advantage of THE CLUB100 21ST ANNIVERSARY RACE, PART 4, 2 x 20min sprints, and a 1hr endurance, to cover all your racing bases, the grid is limited to 34 (entrants), we currently have 10 slots remaining.

Our office maybe closed for the Xmas holidays, and only open on Tuesday 3rd January, but there is a very good holiday price available right now if you ring John Vigor on 07768 486692, or private message him through our Facebook Page or our Twitter

C100R1 0593The Mini Anniversary format has been designed around teams of 2, but can accommodate singleton entries, competing in both an individual race each and a 1 hour team endurance.

Each team will compete in two 20 minute races, followed by a 1 hour race.

Each driver will compete in one of the 20min races. Then both drivers will race together in the 1hr endurance.

The format is also compatible for single driver teams.

Each team’s total point’s score from all 3 races will count towards their final score.

A minimum racing weight of 85KG will be enforced.

11:45 – Registration
12:45 – Drivers Briefing
13:30 – 14:00 Open Practice
14:10 – 14:30 Individual Driver Race 1
14:40 – 15:00 Individual Driver Race 2
15:15 – 16:15 2 Driver Team Enduro
16:20 Presentations

Two categories will be created to suit team experience.

PRICE – £290 Per Team