CLUB100 Endurance Championships

Ages 16yrs+

CLUB100 Endurance Championships

The Club100 Endurance Championship is designed for teams of 2 – 4 drivers. Please clink on the link below for further information.

Endurance Championship 2022

  • 11 rounds
  • 3 classes
  • £529.00 per round inc. + £80 one-off registration fee
  • Regulations

CLUB100 Endurance Format

The Endurance Championship include multiple classes to cater for all levels of driving skill, giving teams the best racing experience. The series takes in 11 rounds at 9 different circuits around the UK offering teams a complete season of racing with huge variety, plus the added incentive of using the high performance CLUB100 Birel Karts, powered by ROTAX.

The CLUB100 Endurance championships attract drivers across a wide range of skills and abilities, looking to enjoy excellent close racing on a strict budget. With this in mind, we offer multiple sub-classes within the Championship. Intermediate, Clubman & Premier class.

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate class is open to teams that raced in this class in 2021, along with new teams looking to race with us for the first time.

Clubman Class

The Clubman class is open to teams that raced in this class in 2021. Promoted Intermediate teams and new experienced teams looking to join the championship

Premier Class

The Premier Class is our top tier for our highly experienced teams, plus promoted teams from the Clubman Class.

To create a level playing field, all three classes run a minimum racing weight of 85Kg. Meaning drivers falling below this weight have to add ballast to the kart.

Register now!

Our online registrations are open. Book your space on the grid now.

The karts

CLUB100 are the pioneers of 2-stroke arrive and drive racing.

All the karts are race prepared before each day’s events by a top team of mechanics and test drivers, no expense is spared to ensure the equipment performs to it’s full potential, leaving it down to the driver to make the difference!

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