Senior Kart Racing

Ages 16yrs+

Sprint Championships

The Club100 Sprint Championships is our premier series and where Club100 began. Designed for drivers who prefer the traditional format of 3 race heats and a final. Multiple classes to suit ability, together with weight categories are factored in.

  • Lightweight Sprint Championship
  • Heavyweight Sprint Championship
  • Super-Heavyweight Sprint Championship

Endurance Championships

The Club100 Endurance Championship is a team event for 2 – 4 drivers per team competing over a 2 hour race format. Fuel stops and driver changes add to the strategy of team endurance racing.

  • Endurance Championship – Class 1
  • Endurance Championship – Class 2

SP60 Championship

The Club100 SP60 Championship is designed for individuals looking for a longer race format. The SP60 format offers 15 minutes practice/qualifying followed by x2 30 minute races and is very popular!

  • Lightweight SP60 Championship
  • Heavyweight SP60 Championship
  • Super-Heavyweight SP60 Championship

The Club100 Experience

The Club100 Experience was introduced in 2021 for individuals who are looking to compete in less rounds than our main championships. The C100 Experience offers 7 rounds with a format of 20 minutes practice/qualifying, followed by x2 20 minute races.

  • The Club100 Experience – Lightweight
  • The Club100 Experience – Middleweight
  • The Club100 Experience – Heavyweight
  • The Club100 Experience – Advanced

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