Trundley certainly doesn’t trundle around

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Although the rain had stopped by the time the heavyweight sprint 60 drivers took to the track for practice, it was still very wet and slippery. Andrew Hall Jr. set the pace in qualifying and took pole position ahead of impressive newcomer Bobby Trundley. Stuart Osborn was third ahead of Mike Philippou and Tim Hill. Matt Edmondson-Jones was in need of a good result today and lined up sixth.

Richard Allen was fastest of the super heavyweights. Alex Pritchard was second, Stuart Kirk third, and title contenders Tarik Almou and Chris Dean fourth and fifth respectively.

Race 1

A full grid of 35 drivers took the start and it was Hall Jr who maintained his lead off the line. Trundley followed him round in second followed by Philippou and Edmondson-Jones. It was good to see Peter Jankowski back in Club100 and he made a lightning start to jump five places into fifth on the opening lap. He’s obviously been watching a lot of Ayrton Senna videos in Brazil. Stuart Martin, Spiros Christoforou, Jack Noller, tarik Almou and Chris Dean also made good starts. Alex Pritchard and Tim Hill had poor opening laps and dropped down the order.

Trudley made a move for the lead on lap three but Hall got back past the following lap. Philippou also came through. Seemingly caught off guard, Trundley dropped to sixth behind Martin, Edmondson-Jones and Janowski. He nevertheless got his head down and got past Janowski. Similarly, Stuart Martin made a move down the inside of Philippou for second.

Over the next few laps, things settled down at the front as the track dried and the drivers started lapping faster. The man on the move was Trundley, who dispatched Edmondson-Jones, Stuart Martin and Mike Philippou in quick succession to establish himself back into second place.

Behind the leading bunch there were many other close battles going on. Seb Algieri was fending off the super heavyweight leader Richard Allen for eighth. Jack Noller was right up their chuiff and holiding off the second super fatboy Tarik Almou. Alex Lammin and Chris Dean (third super lardarse) were at the back of this train of karts. There were plenty of other wheel to wheel battles raging throughout the field but the action at the front was catching the eye.

Having built up a three second lead, hall Jr. was being caught by the flying Bobby Trundley by several tenths of a second. By lap 18 the gap was down to less than a second and four laps later, there was little Hall could do to prevent the inevitable. Martin had similarly got back past Philippou for third and pulled out a sizable gap. With ten laps to go Stuart Martin took second place from hall.

In the super heavies, Richard Allen was just about managing to hold the lead from a charging Tarik Almou. Chris Dean was some way firther back in third and struggling to hold off Paul Goddard, Andrew Cherry and Damien Holmes.

Further back and Tim Hill was having a nightmare race. After an early race altercation he was struggling to make up ground and was outside the top twenty. It was likewise a difficult race for Tony Holmes who seemed to spend more time on the grass at the exit of stadium than on the track. Literally every lap…

Back with the leaders and Trundley had maintained his lead. Although Stuart Martin closed the gap, he didn’t quite have enough to make a move and had to settle for second. Andrew Hall Jr came home third. The super heavies was won by Richard Allen who managed to break away from Almou. Chris Dean managed to edge ahead of the impressive Paul Goddard to claim third.

Race 2

Bobby Trundley led from pole position for the second heavyweight race. Stuart Martin and Andrew Hall Jr came around the opening lap in grid order. Richard Allewn was next up and first of the super heavyweight runners. Seb Algieri made a solid start. Alex Lammin had a poor opening lap and dropped to eleventh and Stuart Osborn, Chris Turner and Andrew Cherry were all first lap casualties.

Stuart Martin harried Trundley for several laps before making his move and teaking the lead on lap eight. These two had pulled a five second lead over Andrew Hall Jr who was having to defend hard from Richard Allen, Seb Algieri, Jack Noller, Tarik Almou, Matt Edmondson-Jones and Mike Philippou. Behind this train was Peter Janowski who was likewise fending off Tim Hill, Joshua Craft and Alex Lammin.

Lap thirteen saw and end to Richard Allen’s race as he dropped to 30th. This left the superheavyweight lead in the capable hands of Tarik Almou. Paul Goddard was now second in the meaty class and a couple of seconds clear of Damien Holmes.

While this was going on, Bobby Trundley slipped down the inside of Stuart Martin to retake the lead. Matt Edmondson-Jones snatched third off Philippou on lap seventeen and, behind these two, there was a close battle going on between Algieri and Noller.

With about fifteeen laps to go the rain started falling again. As the drivers started slipping and sliding, trying to find the ever diminishing areas of grip, it was Trundley who adapted the quickest and extended his lead to over ten seconds. Martin initially appeared to struggle but soon got his act together and maintained his gap over the dueling Edmondson-Jones and Mike Philippou.

Algieri was now coming under pressure from veteran Tim Hill and Alex Lammin. Noller had gone backwards in the changeable conditions and was now fighting off the attentions of Janowski and Craft.

Back at the front, however, there were no such worries for Bobby Trundley as he cruised to an easy win. Stuart martin was a comfortable second ahead of Matt Edmondson-Jones who just managed to hold off Philippou for third.

Tarik Almou lost a lot of ground after the rain came but nevertheless came home first in the big boy category. Alex Pritchard was second and paul Goddard took third ahead of the recovering Richard Allen.

Final result

With two wins, it was Bobby Trundley who took the overall victory. Stuart Martin was second with Matt Edmondson-Jones back on the podium in third. Solid results for Alex Lammin and Jack Noller saw them finish fourth and fifth respectively. A poor second race meant Andrew Hall Jr could only manage sixth.

The super heavyweight class was won by Tarik Almou. Despite his race 2 drama Richard Allen took second and Paul Goddard claiming a credible third. Clearly unaware of how well he’d done, the muppet left the circuit before the results were called out so he missed the podium.

Despite an average day at the office, Andrew Hall Jr maintains his lead in the championship. However, a second a third place finish for arch rivals Stuart Martin and Matt Edmondson-Jones means they have closed the gap. Tarik Almou and Richard Allen are separated by a single point at the top of the lardy table with Chris Dean a distant third. He needs a strong second half of the season if he’s going to stay in the fight.

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