Titan’s Titanic performance at Llandow

May 9, 2019
Eddie Hall
The annual pilgrimage to Wales is always a good one. Llandow playing host to round four of the premier endurance championship and it’s as close as it can be for the top three title contenders. Raceandclassics.com were fastest of the prem teams but only third fastest overall. G3Pro Farecla were right next to them on the grid ahead of Titan Motorsport and the other G3Pro team. SoundFP and RMR were not far behind and ahead of SMJ Racing. It was a fairly light field of just 23 teams but the whole filed was separated by a second in qualifying showing once again how competitive Club100 is. A good start by Raceandclassics.com saw them take the early lead. G3Pro Farecla maintained second in class just ahead of their sister team. Titan made a slow start and were behind RMR and a number of Clubman teams. G3 made an early stop and this put Titan and RMR in the mix. A quicker stop by the well oiled Titan team saw them emerge from their first stop in second place, some five seconds behind the leaders. RMR were now on the tail of the G3 teams. It was another disappointing day for SoundFP. A rare battery failure cost them a lot of time and a subsequent black flag later in the race would drop them out of contention entirely. SMJ Racing were struggling in the mind field for most of the race. Back with the leaders and Titan had closed the gap to Raceandclassics.com. They gained a lot during pit stops, something which raised the ire of Jordan Hill who was very vocal in his criticism of the apparent inconsistencies in the amount of fuel going into their rivals’ karts during pit stops. Nevertheless, Raceandclassics would continue to lead past the second fuel window but Titan were never more than a few seconds behind them. RMR were having a close battle with the G3Pro teams. The final spot on the podium was going to be a close run thing between these teams. Titan took the lead on lap 73 in the pits with a time over five seconds quicker than Raceandclassics and, over the second half of the race, would slowly extend their lead. RMR continued to hold off G3Pro Farecla but the other G3Pro team had fallen back somewhat during the second half of the race. Behind these teams, SMJ Racing were in a race all by themselves and some way ahead of the recovering SoundFP. The last few laps saw little in the way of major action. Titan extended their lead from four seconds to just over nine and took victory. A rather disgruntled Raceandclassics came home second and a slightly happier RMR took their first podium of the season with a fine display ahead of the two G3Pro teams. It was a quiet day for SMJ but SoundFP once again left wondering what might have been after another disappointment. Their second place allowed raceandclasics.com to retain their championship lead but, with two wins on the bounce, Titan are the team with the form at the moment. With the two G3Pro teams taking points off each other, they may well start to fall behind over the second half of the season unless they employ some controversial team orders. The next round of the championship is at Buckmore Park. Raceandclassics took the win here at the opening round. Can they repeat this success and extend their lead over their rivals?
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