Titan on top once more

July 29, 2019
Eddie Hall
After a week of tropical temperatures, the climate changed overnight which meant the teams were greeted with were and not particularly warm conditions for round six of the endurance championship. This marks the halfway point in the championship and it’s been close all year between RaceandClassics.com, Titan Motorsport and G3Pro. Any one of these teams could emerge victorious at the end of the season. A great performance in qualifying saw G3Pro claim pole position in the tricky conditions. An equally impressive performance for RMR saw them line up second. Titan were third with RaceandClassics fourth in class but fifth on the road. It was close between Team Applewood, SoundFP and G3Pro Farecla who lined up seventh, eighth and ninth respectively. SMJ were last of the prem qualifiers, languishing down in 24th. A full complement of 30 karts took to the track. On this tight circuit in wet conditions, it looked set to be an interesting race. The polesitters got away well and maintained their lead over RMR on the opening lap. A good start saw Raceandclassics jump into third ahead of Titan who lost a couple of places. G3Pro made an early stop. RMR took over at the front and they had a comfortable two second lead over Raceandclassics and Titan. Applewood were right up there as well. Titan managed to get past Raceandclassics before the first round of stops. The leaders were the first in and emerged with an extended lead of seven seconds after all the other key players made their stops. G3Pro had lost a lot of ground in traffic after their early stop and were now fourth. Sadly their day would end in disappointment after they were taken out by SoundFP’s Andy Hall Jr. Their engine cut out shortly after which left them stranded and completely out of contention. Traffic caused a few headaches for people as is to be expected at Rye House. Nevertheless, Rotax Means Rotax continued to lead the way and even extended their lead over Titan to over 12 seconds. A quick second stop on lap 37 helped Titan and a slow stop eight laps later for RMR allowed Titan to get within five seconds as we approached the halfway point in the race. Over the next few laps, Titan closed the gap and easily got past on lap 49. From here they fairly strode away. RMR managed to hold their own in second but they were slowly being caught by Raceandclassics. Behind the top three, SoundFP were pretty much on their own in fourth position. Likewise, G3Pro Farecla were having a race all on their own in fifth. Team Applewood’s good early run came to an end in the tricky conditions and they had dropped to the tail end of the top twenty, as had G3Pro. SMJ were doing their thing in the midfield. Over the latter quarter of the race Titan continued to gradually extend their lead. RMR were falling off the pace slightly and being caught by Raceandclassics at almost a second per lap. A slower stop for RMR allowed Raceandclassics to take second, although there was an almost inevitability about it due to the latter’s pace. With the top three looking fairly steady, the attention turned to a battle which had emerged between SoundFP and G3Pro Farecla, for fourth spot. The Farecla boys were now on a charge, having taken up the role of top G3Pro team in the race. After a bit of a ding dong, they managed to pull out a lead over SoundFP. As the track began to slowly dry towards the end of the race, there was little in the way of action at the front. After two challenging hours, the Titan boys crossed the line to take their third win of the season and take a hold at the top of the standings. Raceandclassics came home a very distant second and were the only team not to be lapped by the leaders. A great performance from the Rotx Means Rotax boys saw them claim their second podium finish in three races. Equally good drives for SoundFP and G3Pro Farecla saw them score some solid points. It was a day to forget for G3pro who finished down in 25th after their race dramas. They now have a lot of work to do in the remaining five races if they want to keep their championship hopes alive.
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