That Friday feeling at Rye

May 2, 2018
Eddie Hall
As with last year, due to scheduling conflicts with Rye House’s own championships, the Quadrant race was held on Friday. As a result the grid was much smaller with only 17 teams entering. As well as that, the weather was cold and wet. Lovely. Race 1 It was business as usual as KyritsHicks racing took an easy lights to flag victory in the opening race of the day. They finished some 23 seconds clear of Old Men Racing who managed to make their way up from fifteenth on the grid. Maxx MPH had a good start to their day and finished third from grid 10, finishing just ahead of Big Cat Motorsport who would have no doubt wanted more after starting from pole. It was a fairly average race for the likes of Scuderia GM, G3Pro and Team DGB but it was poor Clunge who suffered the most; parking it after only five laps. Race 2 Scuderia GM and G3Pro found themselves on the front row for race 2 but with KyritsHicks just behind in third there was much to play for. Sadly for G3Pro they went off on the opening lap. GM held on valiantly to the lead until lap 13 when they fell off, handing the lead to a grateful KyritsHicks. Further back, Team DGB and Maxx MPH had both made a lightning start from grid 14 and 15 respectively to get up to fifth and seventh on the opening lap. RaceCraft had made an equally blinding start from the back of the grid and these three teams soon found themselves battling at the front behind the leader. The Big Cats and Clunge were also both in the mix in what was an intense battle. Unfortunately for Racecraft they went off at Stadium on lap 19, losing a potential second place. This promoted Team DGB to second, Big Cats to third, Maxx MPH to fourth and Clunge to fifth – having made a great recovery from their first lap drama. It was, however, another easy win for KyritsHicks who won by 20 seconds. Race 3 By the time the third race got underway, the rain was coming down more heavily than ever. Racecraft made good use of their pole position to lead the opening lap. However, they were passed by the flying Maxx MPH on lap 2 and shortly afterwards both were passed by G3Pro who were revelling in the soaking conditions; up from the back of the grid to the lead by lap five. By contrast, KyritsHicks found themselves in trouble on the opening lap and had to fight their way up through the field. They spent the first half of the race in an epic duel with Old Men racing, neither giving an inch. It was fun to watch. When KyritsHicks finally got past, they pulled away and began closing on the leaders. G3Pro by this stage had pulled out a sizable lead and racecraft were equally several seconds in front of Maxx MPH who were on for their best result of the year so far. KyritsHicks had been closing rapidly but ran out of laps to take third so had to settle for fourth. Race 4 Old Man Racing lined up on pole but got swamped in the bottleneck at hairpin one. By contrast, Maxx MPH did the wall of death round the outside of turn one and went from eighth to fourth. KyritsHicks made a blinding start from the back of the grid and were up to second by lap 2. This became first a lap later. Maxx MPH despatched Scuderia GM for second on lap 6. The top three would remain unchanged for the rest of the race with KyritsHicks easing out a comfortable gap over Maxx MPH who, in turn, opened up a comfortable gap to GM. Further back Racecraft, Clunge and Team DGB were slowly making their way through the field. G3Pro weren’t having such a good race and dropped to the back of the field at half distance. Old Men Racing were another team in the wars. Final Result With three of their scores being wins, it was no surprise that KyritsHicks won their third straight race. With two thirds and a second, Maxx MPH finally had something to smile about after a slow start to their season. Third went to G3Pro.
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