Summer Holidays – Its Gold for Samuel Nash As Title Contenders Take Day Off

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C100R6-1098After timed qualifying Michael White would have the dubious honour of missing out on the top 20 and the Pre A Final directly, to secure Pre B Final pole position, Ben Atkinson on grid 2, off the start Derek Beckley made sure to be on the pole man’s bumper on the start. By the time the field emerged on the the back straight Derek was half a dozen kart lengths clear of Atkinson, Darri Simms off grid 5, Frankie Hedges, Andrew Ward and Chris Dixon all starting rapidly at the expense of White and Jon Gooch, particularly Andrea Fioravanti, James Venning and Lee Norris. And perhaps thats where Simms had picked up an exclusion for contact. The race settled immediately with both Atkinson and Simms edging back to the leader, Simms moving on to Ben’s bumper and sweeping around the outside of Billy’s Blind to take 2nd place into the long right hander, only for Atkinson to take it back into the chicane and brought Hedges into what looked like 4 qualifiers with Chris Dixon 2secs behind, holding off Ward. Simms would not be denied and he moved through to be over a second behind Beckley but Darri started chipping into the leading at 0.2secs, Atkinson was helped off the circuit into the Horseshoe to end his challenge as the leaders waded through back markers. Into the 2nd half of the race Simms moved on the lead, Beckley and Hedges dicing for the real lead through the traffic, and heading for qualification, with the demise of Atkinson and Simms’ penalty Dixon and Ward would join them. 2secs behind Chris Penny, who had could not close on qualification ahead was passed by James Martin. Penny slipping back into a fight with White and Gooch towards the finish.

C100R6-0689For the Pre A, Christopher Powell was on pole position ahead of Glan Y Gors star (if not A Final winner) Thomas Broadley, it was a bit of gaffe to be pinged for a jump start given that not only is the starts flag on his right, but so is the pole man. It’s not like leading into turn 1 is crucial than it is just be cleanly through turn 1 for the long drag up through Billys Blind to the prime overtaking ground on the circuit. There’s no reason to be ahead of the pole poleman but there it was and 2 position penalty for Thomas. It would be Stefan Scully off grid 4 leading Powell, and Freddie Fincham. Bobby Dawes off row 3 with Fincham, came through with Broadley on his bumper. The next lap Powell moved back to the front of the field as Scully was tripped up by Fincham to hand Chris 1secs lead, Broadley taking the same time to move passed Dawes and the fighting ahead offered Thomas to pass Freddie and move on to Scully’s bumper while the pair were quicker on pace than Powell ahead which meant the race for the win was very much on with the pair 0.6secs off the leader, Fincham falling away with the field. Broadley slid through under Scully into Top Bend whic offered a little hope to Fincham, but only if their dicing continued, behind Dawes was drifting out in 5th place and even a third of the way in, it looked like a 4 horse race, with Broadley already wounded with a penalty. Behind Dawes in 5th, and the gap to Mike Noon, Samuel Nash was wheel to wheel with Joel Davis, over 7th place, who had started poorly on grid 4, Martin Theodorou and Aidan Kitchener much the same over 9th place and positions in the top 10.

C100R6-1538By halfway Broadley had closed on Powell, looking for a way by, forcing Chris to go increasingly defensive and in doing so there was a real possibility of both Scully and Fincham joining them. After a couple of laps of solid defence from Powell into the hairpin and the Horseshoe, Broadley managed to squeeze through on the inside of Billys Blind while Powell was running down the middle of the road, expecting Thomas to try the long way around to have the inside into the right hander. Instead Thomas had gone left passed the pit lane exit and had it all done before braking and turning right at the top of the circuit. It put Scully and Fincham into the fight and Fincham emerged from the hairpin in 2nd place and Powell to the end of the line, in 4th. 3secs behind, taking advantage of Mike Noon and Bobby Dawes battling Sam Nash moved up and through the pair to go 5th, into the Horseshoe, pulling in Joel Davis and offering a way forward for Aidan Kitchener. Fincham passed Broadley for the lead but through a a yellow flag zone (being waved at the Billy’s Blind marshal’s post) on lap 13, Powell taking the opportunity to pass Scully into hairpin for  what with Broadley’s and Fincham’s penalty was actually for the lead. It was as confusing to watch as it was entertaining to watch. Into the closing laps Scully passed Powell around the outside of Billy’s Blind, to go 3rd, Broadley pushing through to the lead/3rd, Scully towing through to 2nd, Powell to 3rd, Fincham back to 4th/8th. On to the final lap it was nearly four wide through Billy’s Blind into right hander, settling the race out of the chicane, with Broadley leading Scully, Powell and to the finish. That would promote Scully to the win with Powell 2nd. Another lap or so Nash might have joined them, Bobby Dawes finished 5th and ahead of Fincham, who crossed the line 6th on the road, but was demoted to 10th, behind Noon, Davis and Kitchener.

C100R6-1850As always the prize for the B Final the last 2 places on the A Final grid, James Martin converted pole position to lead his fellow front row sitter Chris Penny, Jon Gooch got in line, Michael White led the charge through Billys Blind, someone was going to be ejected and John Foulds was bounced out of the mod-pack and across the grass on the inside. Penny emerged from the chicane in the lead, Martin, then White ahead of Gooch, Andrew Mather, Oliver Rowlands and Lee Norris. Penny pulled into a comfortable lead as was Martin’s advantage, White also had a margin, while Mather moved to the head of the chasing group with Gooch falling through it and out of the back. Norris moved on to Rowlands and was looking quick but 5.6secs off the lead, however 2nd place would be enough to qualify, and Martin was only 2secs up the road. He’d need to get by White, Rowlands and Mather and so he would as the group clashed around halfway, and better yet only Rowlands was left anywhere near in touch, but crucially out of the tow. In shorter order he’d close and draft passed James Martin through Billys on lap 10. James could not live with Lee’s pace and that was pretty much that. Penny was too far up the road to be pulled back, at 3.5secs and there was no urgency to do so for Norris. Martin would finish 6.8secs off the lead, 2secs clear of Rowlands, Ben Atkinson made a late run through after starting 21st, and 11th at halfway, but he ‘d pick up a 4 place penalty, promoting Mather back to 5th, Gooch, James Vennings, Andrea Fioravanti to 8th from 20th on grid, and Sam Dicker rounded out the top 10.

C100R6-0794Most of the A Final is reported above after the field broke out of turn 1 poleman Scully led grid 2 Powell, Nash holding off Noon, Broadley, gap to Dawes running around Kitchener into Billys with Fincham on his bumper so looking to follow him through and he’d also pass Bobby going in deep to the right hander for Freddie to come out on Noon’s bumper as Broadley had run wide. Nash took his shot on Powell into the hairpin for 2nd, Chris fouled out into the Horseshoe taking leader Scully out. Both Nash and Noon saw the daylight passed Powell on the inside, and the trio exited the Horseshoe side by side, but Chris had lost momentum in his incident, and Mike was on the outside for the fast right on to the starting straight. Mike hung on gamely on the outside, but Top Bend was a much longer corner, Mike gave it a go, but Nash led and Dawes on the racing line passed compromised Noon on to the pit straight. Kitchener passed Powell for 4th, and Chris Dixon dived inside into the Horseshoe for 6th. Broadley moved up on to Fincham and round side by side through infield until Top Bend, where Golding stuck his nose inside on Fincham and Freddie exited down the pit lane. I don’t think he was pushed there, it appeared most peculiar, it moved Frankie Hedges up to 9th and moved Martin Theodorou, racing for the championship into the top 10 for the first time.

C100R6-1465By halfway, Nash had a 1secs lead over Bobby Dawes, but thats where the racing with Noon, Kitchener, Powell (save for his exclusion), Golding, Broadley and Dixon all in range of the podium. It was a foot race to the finish, Nash had a few scrappy laps so that Dawes could close a few tenths, but then Sam pegged him at 0.8 until the finish. Noon crossed the line 3rd after settling into 3rd. later promoted to 2nd with Dawes penalty, Kitchener moved up to 3rd. Aidan having a quiet run to the flag after Dixon, Powell, Broadley and Golding fought over 5th place to the finish, Frankie Hedges held Adrian Mertens for 9th.

It was Gold for GB and Sam Nash, Silver for Noon (GB), Bronze Kitchener (GB)… Errr… Hang on I’ve been watching to much TV.

And thats my excuse for the late delivery. Sorry. But it’s only once every 4yrs.

Round 7 is at Llandow on 28 August 2016.

Photography: Jack Mitchell, JAM Motorsport Photography