Showtime! The Real Rob Newman Is Back To Win A Final, But Steve Hicks Makes History In The SuperFinal

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The Heats

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Heat 1

Chris Dixon drew pole for the first heat of the day with Daz Teal alongside. Adam Wheeldon and Barry Williams shared row two with Ben Yarwood and James Wattis on three. Dixon brought the pack up to the line and then floored the loud pedal to lead into Oblivion with Teal tucking in behind from Wheeldon. Williams and Yarwood both spun away their chances and dropped to the rear of the field. Liam Atkin got away swiftly from grid nine to move up to fourth but he’d been just a touch too aggressive, forcing Andrew Green wide and incurring a penalty. Further down the order Loic Ditchburn was quickly on the pace, up from grid fourteen to seventh by the end of the first lap. Dixon continued to lead with Teal in his wheel tracks and looking to find a way by. Three laps in and he was at the front and into a lead he would never lose, remaining a couple of Kart lengths clear all the way to the flag from Dixon. Atkin Took Wheeldon for third three laps in but could do nothing about closing the gap to the leading pair. His penalty dropped him to seventh but he did set the fastest lap in the Class 2 class. Wheeldon was promoted to third well clear of Wattis in fourth. Ditchburn was arguably the star of the race. He and Green had a great fight over seventh swapping places several times and closing in on Chris Scivier and Wattis. Wattis broke free with a lap to run leaving Scivier to hold off Ditchburn and Green. He couldn’t and dropped to eighth but Green had picked up a penalty and dropped to eleventh leaving Ditchburn fifth from Scivier and the penalised Atkin. Adrian Mertens, Oliver Rowlands and Nik Hoyle completed the top ten with Yarwood setting the fastest lap of the race.

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Heat 2

A returning Mark Ridout on pole from Mikey Nichols. Peter Hargreaves and Sam Morris on row two with Hussain Rashid and George Redstone on three. Ridout got cleanly away but Nichols ran wide in the first turn and lost places allowing Hargreaves up into second chased by Rashid. Morris spun to the rear of the field. By the end of the first tour Ridout was almost two seconds clear of Hargreaves and Rashid with Liam Cochrane fourth from Freddie Fincham, Nichols and James Martin. Two laps run and Ridout was over three seconds clear as the chasing pack held each other up squabbling over second place, now held by Fincham, from Cochrane, Martin and Rashid. Once into second Fincham began to close in on the leader. By half distance the gap was down to two seconds. Cochrane and Martin were still disputing fourth but dropping further away from the flying Fincham. At the start of the penultimate lap he was just seven tenths adrift and the leader was looking anxiously over his shoulder as Fincham set the fastest lap and broke the record whilst the leader set his personal best. Last lap and the gap was a couple of tenths. But it was not to be. Despite a couple of moves Ridout defended robustly to take the points with Fincham almost alongside as they crossed the line. Cochrane took a comfortable third from Martin with Ed Barrs fifth. An eventful heat for him after starting on grid fourteen. He was up to tenth by the end of the first lap, sixth after two and then back down to ninth before battling back. Hargreaves took sixth with Rashid seventh. Chris Woodger took eighth after an opportunistic drive up from grid seventeen whilst Mitchell Althasen and Oliver Lancaster rounded out the top ten.

Heat 3

Dane Christison and Peter Sharpe shared the front row with the highly experienced pair, David Longman and Stephen Hicks on row two. Stephen Docker and Mike Coppin shared row three. A very messy start for this heat saw Sharpe and Docker slipping back badly whilst Mike Coppin stayed out of trouble to lead at the end of the first lap from Hicks with Christison down to third. Thanassi Barnicoat took full advantage to move from grid ten to fourth with Longman fifth. Julian Clist and Langthorp tangled the latter coming to a halt and the former incurring the penalty. Shaun Hollingsworth too dropped back whilst those from the back rows made huge gains. Billy Robson was up to sixth from grid fourteen. Tom Dix was up to seventh from grid seventeen with Bailey Morgan eighth from grid fifteen. Once the field had settled down Coppin immediately began to edge away at the front from Hicks. Longman was up to third with Barnicoat and Dix in attendance. Christison ran sixth but was dropping back. Coppin took the win and fastest lap with Hicks with Hicks next but over three seconds adrift in what was a lonely second as he was four seconds clear of the battle for third which finally went to Barnicoat courtesy of a last lap move on Longman. Dix also made it by Longman for fourth. Sixth went to Langthorp after a good recovery from his first lap misfortune. Docker too recovered well after dropping to fourteenth. He took seventh a few lengths up on Robson with Stephen Westwood ninth and setting the fastest lap in Class 2. Next up should have been Clist but he had a race to forget. After his first lap misdemeanour he fought back aggressively. A bit too aggressively as he picked up further penalties and was excluded from the results.

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Heat 4

Ben Johnson on pole from Simon Sharpe with Peter Hobbs and Lloyd McGeoch-Williams on row two and Camillo Anania and Martin Theodorou on row three. Johnson led the pack away but Sharpe and Anania both spun to the rear of the field whilst Mike Noon was off to a flyer, up from grid eight to second by the end of the first lap with Louis Ross third from grid ten. It was a hard lap for Ross though as he made contact with several other drivers but without gaining ground. Noon wasted no time in taking Johnson for the lead taking Ross with him along with Class 1 Championship leader Pietro Pagano, up from grid nine. Johnson lost out badly and would be down to twelfth by the end of the third tour. Once at the front Noon began to edge clear with Pagano second whilst Ross was becoming embroiled in a battle with Harry Neale, up from grid seven, and Chris Alcock, up from grid fourteen. And closing in on them all was Rob Newman, steadily picking up places. Noon took the win with Pagano second well clear of Alcock in third. Newman crossed the line next but was penalised four places for a late race bump and pass on Ross who also lost two places having incurred an early race penalty for multiple contacts. All of which promoted Neale up to fourth from Peter Hobbs with Ross next from Dan Truman and then Newman who also set the fastest lap and established a lap record. Andrew Ward took ninth and was the fastest of the C2 runners whilst Dan Brewer took tenth.

Heat 5

Pole for James Martin with Adrian Mertens alongside. Row two, James Rose and Martin Auger. Row three, Billy Robson and Keith Segal. Martin led away from the line with Mertens tucking in behind from Rose as the field climbed the hill. Auger dropped back as did Keith Segal and Cameron Williams whilst Dix was up from grid nine to fourth. Robson ran fifth with Hicks next, up from grid thirteen. Coppin was next, up from grid fifteen. Martin continued to lead but Mertens was coming under pressure from Dix. And Hicks was closing them both down. Dix was soon into second but almost three seconds adrift of Martin. Hicks took a lap to get by Mertens but once through he quickly closed in on Dix. But Dix was giving nothing away despite Hicks climbing all over the back of him. With three to go Hicks finally got a better run out of the first turn and was alongside and through at Christmas. The lead to Martin was just over a second. Last lap and Hicks was just a few tenths back having set the fastest lap of the race on the penultimate lap. Martin defended at the top of the hill. Hard. Hicks had to back off and suddenly Dix had closed up. Into Ashby Martin again went defensive. Hicks tried to cut back but couldn’t. Into the Boot for the final time and Hicks stayed well to the left before cutting under Martin. Side by side into the last turn and Hicks was just about ahead as they drove towards the line. Hicks took the win by just 0.053 with Martin just 0.079 up on Dix. Coppin came home fourth and was only a couple of tenths off the leaders with Mertens fifth. Then a seven second gap back to Yarwood who then dropped four places after a bump and pass on Robson placing him to tenth. Woodger was next but he too had been penalised after bringing Christison to a halt and was excluded. Cochrane benefited placing sixth from Rose, Green and Robson.

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Heat 6

Louie Ross on pole from Emily Rogers with James Browning and Daniel Gamblin sharing row two. Shenington winner Ed Barrs and Bailey Morgan shared row three. Ross and Rogers both made good starts but Browning and Gamblin both ran wide and slipped down the order. Barrs was quickly into second and challenging Ross for the lead whilst Teal was up to fourth from grid eleven. With two run Barrs was at the front from Ross with Althasen third from Rogers and Teal and Morgan sixth. And that, apart from Teal getting by Rogers on lap three was the end of overtaking amongst the top six! Barrs came home well clear of Ross with Althasen third a few tenths back and setting fastest lap in the C2 class. Teal was a tenth adrift in fourth with Rogers a few lengths further back ahead of Morgan who ran sixth the whole race. Fincham was next and setting the fastest lap. He started on grid seventeen but was up to ninth after a couple of laps before making up places over the final couple of laps. Longman, Ward and Dixon completed the top ten.

Heat 7

Thanassi Barnicoat and Josh Adams on the front row from Stuart Hubbard and Christopher Powell on row two and Loic Ditchburn and Rob Newman on row three. Barnicoat and Adams both made clean starts with Hubbard tucking in behind from Newman as they field climbed the hill. Powell dropped a couple of spots whilst down the order Rashid made up ground rapidly from grid thirteen to run sixth. Scivier too was on the move, up from grid fifteen to ninth. Barnicoat began to stretch his lead at the front whilst Adams defended from Newman but it was only a matter of time before the Yorkshireman made his move. Once into second he immediately began to cut the gap to the leader. Adams remained third from Hubbard and Ditchburn with Rashid still sixth from Powell. It took several laps for Newman to latch onto the leaders bumper but as they began the penultimate tour he was right with him. As they drove up the hill he pulled to the right and moved into the lead immediately pulling clear. A valuable win. Barnicoat dropped his pace, well clear of Hubbard in third with Powell next after a last lap pass on Adams. Rashid took sixth with Ditchburn next followed by Noon who had fought his way forward from grid seventeen. Brewer and Scivier completed the top ten.

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Heat 8

Oliver Rowlands on pole from Christian Schulz with Dan Truman and Rob Dowsett on row two. Chris Alcock and Ashley Clifford shared row three. Both Rowlands and Schulz were a touch steady away from the line allowing Truman to take the lead into Christmas with Alcock following him through. Thereafter the two leaders circulated a couple of tenths apart and easing clear of third placed Rowlands. Lancaster was briefly up to third but it was all eyes on Neale. Having started on grid sixteen he was up to seventh after a couple of laps. Half distance and he was up to fourth and closing in on Rowlands. A lap later and he was through taking Lancaster and Ridout with him, the latter having moved up from grid ten. Once clear of Rowlands Neale set a succession of fastest laps and chasing down the leaders. Sadly for him he didn’t have enough laps. But his quest was helped as over the final lap Alcock made repeated efforts to get by Truman but to no avail. Fastest lap fell on the last tour but he had to be content with third just three tenths back from second placed Alcock. Lancaster took fourth and set the fastest lap in the C2 class. He’d stayed with Neale and moved clear of Ridout whilst Rowland’s had to settle for sixth. Dowsett came home seventh from Wattis, Docker and McGeoch-Williams.

Heat 9

Shaun Hollingsworth and Daniel Brewer on the front row from Chris Woodger and reigning Lights Champion Mike Noon on row two. Row three saw Julian Clist alongside Cameron Williams. Hollingsworth led away from the line but it was Noon from fourth who caught the eye as the field headed up the hill. He was into second ay Christmas and pressing the leader hard but Hollingsworth was covering Noon’s attacks well. End of the lap and Hollingsworth led across the line from Noon with Brewer third from Clist. Ditchburn was up to fifth from grid ten with Theodorou next from Woodger who had lost out badly over the first lap. Up the hill for the second time and Noon pulled to the right and into the front. Hollingsworth left him plenty of room and a tailing Brewer took the opportunity to slip by into second. For several laps the top five remained static. Brewer continued to track Noon and then surprised him with a move up the inside at Parkers to take the lead. Hollingsworth remained a few Kart lengths back with Clist just behind but well clear of Ditchburn in fifth who had Yarwood closing in. Theodorou’s chances of a good finish ended as he spun out of seventh in the Boot. Penultimate lap and Brewer still led from Noon but Clist had finally found away round Hollingsworth for third. Last lap and Brewer still led as he and Noon went up the hill with Noon desperate to get by. Brewer defended hard and held on. Down into Ashby he was again forced to defend but outbraked himself and Noon was through and into a lead he would never lose and recording his second win of the day. Clist came home third from Hollingsworth followed by Yarwood and Longman. Ditchburn took seventh with Woodger, Rogers and Morgan completing the top ten.

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Heat 10

Pietro Pagano on pole from Tom Dix with Joshua Halloran and Freddie Fincham on row two. Harry Neale and Mitchell Althasen shared row three. Pagano was away smartly with Dix tucking in behind from Neale. Halloran ran wide out of the first turn and was swamped as the pack streamed up the hill. He would be down to fifteenth by the end of the lap. Across the line for the first time and Dix moved to the front from Pagano who then slipped to third behind Neale on the run up to Christmas. Hicks was up to fourth from grid twelve with Barrs next from Fincham. Wattis was out having clouted the tyre wall on the exit of the first turn. He would remain in his Kart for several laps whilst he got his breath back. Newman was seventh. For several laps it was as you were at the front until Hicks displaced Pagano for third at Christmas. Barrs, Fincham and Newman were battling hard over fifth before Newman finally fought his way by and began to close in on Pagano setting the fastest time and breaking the lap record in the process. Neale continued to press Dix hard for the lead but the leader was calmness personified as he repulsed repeated attacks. Neale almost made it through at Christmas but lost momentum and suddenly had Hicks right on his bumper. And closing in was Newman after finding away past Pagano who also lost out to Barrs. Final lap and Dix was several lengths clear as Neale defended hard from Hicks. Into Ashby and through Wilkins they were line astern. Into Osiers and Newman darted left to take Hicks. A bold move executed cleanly. Dix crossed the line over a second clear for the win with Neale second from Newman, Hicks and Barrs with Pagano sixth from Fincham. Rashid was eighth and leading C2 runner with Adams ninth and setting fastest C2 lap. Althasen completed the top ten.

Heat 11

Pole for Liam Atkin with Oscar Lancaster alongside. Row two, Andrew Ward and Andrew Green with Chris Scivier and Ashley Clifford on row three. Once again the poleman made a clean getaway to lead up the hill from Lancaster and Ward. By the end of the lap it was as you were at the front with Clifford running fourth ahead of Green and Coppin. Round the first turn and Coppin moved up the inside of Green. Green disputed the move but had to run wide. Suddenly he ran out of track and was onto the grass. Fortunately he managed to keep his machine straight and avoided the tyre wall. But he was down to twelfth. Atkins continued to stretch his advantage at the front from Lancaster with Ward still third. But Coppin was closing in and setting fastest laps in his pursuit. He quickly dispatched Ward and set about Lancaster. But Lancaster was in no mood to surrender and held them both up allowing Atkin to pull further away at the front. Coppin finally got by at Wilkins but was over a second and a half adrift of the leader. Two fastest laps in succession though saw the lead cut to half a second as they began the final lap. Atkin had no defence as Coppin closed in taking the lead down into Ashby. A fine drive. Lancaster took with Ward next from Ross. A great drive this from Ross who made up places smartly over the opening laps. Clifford was sixth from Ridout with Nichols, Robson and Wheeldon rounding out the top ten.

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Heat 12

The final heat for the Lights saw Reece Pope on pole from Nik Hoyle with Stephen Westwood and Rob Langthorp on row two whilst Liam Cochrane and Matthew Collier sat on row three. Pope lewd the field away with Hoyle tucking into second from Cochrane and Westwood. Docker was quickly on the pace moving up from grid nine to fifth ahead of Langthorp , Alcock and Segal. Segal’s chances evaporated at the start of lap two as he was punted off by Powell, a move which saw the latter excluded from the results post race. Pope’s lead lasted a lap before both Hoyle and Cochrane moved ahead whilst Westwood, Docker, Langthorp and Alcock were running line astern. And slicing through the field was a very on form Teal, up to ninth from grid sixteen. Half distance and Hoyle was still at the front from Cochrane with Docker now up to third ahead of Alcock and Pope. Langthorp was next but having to hold off the flying Teal. Three from home and Alcock slipped by Cochrane. Cochrane was briefly on the grass allowing Teal to close in. Last lap and Hoyle still led but Alcock was homing in. Hoyle couldn’t hold him off and Alcock took the win. Teal claimed third after a tremendous drive with Cochrane fourth from Pope. Langhthorp claimed sixth from Westwood with Barnicoat eighth from Docker and Truman. And just four seconds covered the top twelve!

The Finals

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C Final

Pole for Peter Hargreaves with Ashley Clifford alongside. Lloyd McGeoch-Williams and Martin Auger on row two with Dane Christison and Liam Atkin on row three. Row four, Daniel Gamblin and Joshua Halloran with Martin Theodorou and Ben Johnson completing the first five rows. Top four to qualify for the B Final. Hargreaves led the pack up to the line but by the time he arrived Clifford was a couple of lengths clear. The clerk of the course called a false start and the field formed up for a second attempt. Again Clifford ignored the pace of the pole sitter and crossed the line well ahead. By the end of the lap his number was up showing a penalty which would translate as a two place deduction.

DSC 4226

Now he had to finish no lower than third to progress. He continued to lead with Hargreaves second from McGeoch-Williams and Auger. Halloran was next but he too had been hit with a penalty, four places for a bump and pass on Atkin who was now running sixth ahead of Christison, Johnson, Gamblin and Theodorou. Clist and Woodger were both making up places but still running outside the top ten. Clifford continued to lead from Hargreaves and McGeoch-Williams whilst Atkin had moved himself into the fourth qualifying spot ahead of the penalised Halloran. Auger was next from Christison and Theodorou with Clist and Woodger next up and closing. It all got very close fourth time around and Clist clipped Christison as he attempted to go by. Up came his number. Another four place penalty meaning he wouldn’t qualify for the B Final regardless of where he finished. Clifford continued to lead but now it was Atkin closing in on him with Hargreaves third from McGeoch-Williams, the penalised Halloran, Theodorou, Woodger and the penalised Clist. With four to go Clifford was still at the front from Atkin, McGeoch-Williams, Theodorou, Hargreaves, Woodger, Halloran and Clist. Three from home and the leader came up to a backmarker in the Boot. The backmarker did nothing wrong but Clifford slowed and the following pack bunched up. Across the line and first to eighth were separated by a little over a second with Theodorou now up to third. Down into Osiers Atkin made a move on the leader. Theodorou also tried to go through. Clifford gave him room on the exit but compromised his momentum along the back straight. He fell to eighth whilst Clist jumped from eighth to second ahead of Theodorou, Hargreaves, Woodger, Halloran and McGeoch-Williams. Penultimate lap and Woodger took Hargreaves for fourth. Last lap and Clist was closing in on Atkin intent on the win even though he wouldn’t progress. Out of the final corner and Clist was round the outside as they headed towards the line, there was contact in full view of the observer and clerk of the course, and a penalty for Atkin. Especially given that Clist was carrying a penalty.

DSC 9181

Theodorou crossed the line third but took the win, the trophy for the win and promotion to the B Final. A good reward after his long trip home from working in Antarctica. Woodger was classified second and set the fastest lap with Hargreaves third from Christison. Clist was classified fifth with Atkin a disgruntled sixth from McGeoch-Williams. Johnson, Clifford and Halloran completed the top ten. A very eventful race. Hopefully some of the drivers will have a good look at the rules and regulations before the next round.

B Final

Chris Dixon on pole from Rob Langhthorp with Adam Wheeldon and Adrian Mertens on row two. Josh Adams and Stephen Docker on row three with Nik Hoyle and Billy Robson on four and Barry Morgan alongside Emily Rogers on row five. Top two to qualify for the A final.

DSC 6284

Both Dixon and Langhtorp got away cleanly but Wheeldon lost out badly from grid three on the run up the hill and dropped behind Mertens, Docker, Adams and Hoyle. With two laps run the leaders were already pulling clear but it was Docker now up to third from Mertens and Adams. Wattis was on a charge taking Hoyle for sixth out of the Boot. Wheeldon too took advantage to slip by Hoyle. But already this group was beginning to fall back from the front runners. Dixon continued to eke out a gap to Langhthorp with Docker still third and chipping away at the gap to second place. Mertens and Adams remained fourth and fifth and still in touch. The order remained static at the front with Dixon still edging away and Docker easing ever closer to Langthorp in second. Four to go and he was right on his bumper going up the hill. Langhthorp defended but Docker was not to be denied and took second place at Inkermans. Langthorp stayed in touch though but now had Mertens and Adams immediately behind.

DSC 9188

Final lap and Dixon was well clear. Langhtorp had one last go at Docker into the Boot but Docker had the line and Langhthorp half spun dropping to fifth behind Mertens and Adams. To add insult to injury he then got slapped with a one place deduction for cone abuse dropping him behind Wattis. Wheeldon took seventh with Hoyle, Hobbs and Dowsett completing the top ten.

A Final

Mike Coppin on pole from Chris Alcock with Steve Hicks and Tom Dix on row two. Daz Teal and Harry Neale shared row three with Mike Noon and Ed Barrs on four and Rob Newman alongside Mark Ridout on row five. Top twelve to qualify for the Super Final.

DSC 8910

Both Coppin and Alcock made great starts but as they ran up the hill for the first time Hicks dived up the inside of Alcock to take second. Back down the order Barrs and Newman were both making up places. Over the line at the end of lap one and Coppin still led with Hicks right on his bumper. Barrs was up to third ahead of Alcock and Newman. Then came Dix, Noon, Teal, Neale and Ridout. Ross was an early spinner. Up the hill for the second time and Hicks once again pulled to the inside and swept by Coppin for the lead. The front five were gradually easing away from the chasing pack. Newman slipped by Alcock for fourth in the Boot and closed in quickly on Barrs taking him under braking for Ashby third time around. Three corners later and he slipped by Coppin into second. Hicks was still clear at the front whilst Newman fended off Coppin. Barrs was right with Coppin and made a move down into Osiers. Coppin ran wide and over the grass and lost another place to Alcock. This little battle allowed Newman to make a break and chase down the leader. It didn’t take long. Up the hill for the fifth time he pulled out of Hicks slipstream and eased by clean as you like. By the end of the lap he was three tenths clear. Hicks was now looking over his shoulder at Barrs who was closing rapidly, setting the fastest lap and establishing a record sixth time around. Alcock remained fourth from Coppin and Dix with Noon seventh. Newman still led but Hicks had stabilised the gap and wasn’t being dropped whilst Barrs was catching Hicks. Several times they crossed the line almost side by side. Tenth time around and Barrs got better traction out of the first turns and slipped by Hicks for second place at Christmas. But could he catch the leader?

DSC 9137

At the end of the lap with four to go the gap was just over a second. He chipped away but Newman was in complete control crossing the six tenths clear for his first win of the year. After his bad luck and bad judgement over the first couple of rounds it was welcome fillip and thoroughly well deserved. Barrs gradually eased away from Hicks over the final laps whilst Hicks had to defend his position from Alcock. Several time Alcock almost made it through but Hicks hung on. They crossed the line at the end with Hicks holding on to the final podium spot by just 0.083. Meanwhile Dix and Coppin were having a monumental battle over fifth. Several times Coppin would get by Dix only to lose out later in the lap but he finally made it by on the last lap crossing the line a Kart length clear. But it was in vain. A cone penalty dropped him back to sixth. Noon came home seventh. He ran seventh all through the race, just off the pace of the front runners but always in touch and well clear of Ridout in eighth. A very good performance from the 2018 Lightweight Champion. Ridout too can be satisfied with his days work. His first race of the season showed he still has the pace. Barnicoat and Neale completed the top ten with Docker and Teal the final two qualifiers for the Super Final. A great drive from Docker who had qualified for the Final via the B Final. But one had to feel a touch of sympathy for Freddie Fincham. He crossed the line in eleventh and well clear of Docker and Teal but a four place penalty for bump and pass on Liam Cochrane dropped him to fifteenth. Dan Brewer took the C2 honours finishing seventeenth with Oscar Lancaster second and Hussain Rashid third, the latter also setting fastest lap in the class.

DSC 9210

The Super Final

The last race of the day and a historic first for CLUB100 with a Super Final supported by the Altima academy. Top twelve from the Lightweights against the top twelve from the Heavyweights in a six round Championship.

DSC 9020An all Yorkshire front row with Newman on pole from heavyweight Joe Holmes. Barrs and Kostas Kyritsis on row two with Hicks and Adam Wright on row three. Alcock and Steve Brown on row four. Dix and Anwar Beroual-Smith on five.

DSC 9075

Newman and Holmes brought the field up to line and then Newman rocketed away getting the drop on Holmes into the first turns. Barrs tried to go round the outside but ran wide and dropped back whilst Hicks stormed into third. End of the lap and Newman led from Holmes and Hicks with Wright hanging on in fourth from Alcock and Brown. Barrs and Kyritsis were down to seventh and eighth. Two laps in and it was as you were at the front whilst Alcock had slipped by Wright for fourth and Beroual-Smith had jumped Kyritsis to run eighth. Newman, Holmes and Hicks continued to pull clear at the front. Fourth time around and Holmes slipped by Newman at the top of the hill to take the lead with Hicks third and well in contention. Next lap and Newman pulled out from Holmes slipstream into Christmas to retake the lead. Hicks took advantage of Holmes compromised line and got by going into Inkermans. And he wasn’t done. Sensing the opportunity he dived up the inside of Newman into Ashby to take the lead. Great driving.

DSC 9126

Newman tried to take him Back into Osiers but ran wide and lost momentum leading on to the back straight allowing Holmes back alongside and Alcock, Wright and Brown and Barrs to close right up. Half distance and a seven Kart chain for the lead with Hicks in the driving seat. And only a few Kart lengths back were Beroual-Smith, Kyritsis and Barnicoat circulating line astern. Hicks continued to lead but it was Newman up to second now courtesy of a late move on Holmes at Christmas. Alcock tried to go through too but found his line compromised as Holmes defended. He dropped behind Wright and Brown but kept Barrs at bay. Hicks was half a second clear but Newman and Holmes gradually began to cut the gap. Two to go and Barrs moved into fifth. Last lap and Hicks crossed the line half a Kart length clear of Newman with Holmes a further Kart length back. Hicks defended up the hill and kept the place. He defended again into Ashby and kept the place. He defended again into Osiers positioning his Kart perfectly and keeping momentum. Along the back straight the three of them were bumper to bumper. Round the Boot and into the last turn line astern but it was Hicks across the line first punching the air in delight. A brilliant, peerless drive and surprisingly his first ever win in a CLUB100 sprint round. Brilliant drives too from Newman and Holmes and it was great to see all three drivers smiling on the podium. Huge respect to all three. Wright came home fourth. It surely can’t be long before he wins an A Final. Barrs took fifth with Brown sixth from Alcock, Kyritsis, Barnicoat, who also set the fastest lap ,and Beroual-Smith. A fabulous first Super Final.

DSC 9295

Round up

What a fantastic days racing. Superb organisation from the hard working CLUB100 team and all the races superbly marshalled. In the Championships Chris Alcock leads the Lightweights with Ed Barrs second. Pietro Pagano didn’t feature much at Whilton but he’ll bounce back. Mike Coppin lies fourth with Daz Teal fifth. In the Lights C2 class Adam Wheeldon retains the lead from Rob Langthorp and Andrew Ward with Louie Ross and Shaun Hollingsworth fourth and fifth. In the HW/SHW C1 division Joe Holmes’ third win in a row keeps him at the head of the order. Can anyone stop the flying Yorkshireman or will he win every round? He’s full of confidence at the moment and looks to be enjoying his racing more than ever. And it’s not just because he’s winning either although I’m sure it helps. He didn’t have things all his own way at Whilton but he still took the win. He got beaten in the Super Final but was still all smiles on the podium and full of praise for Steve Hicks and Rob Newman. Adam Wright is second in the standings. Three podiums in three rounds. After missing most of last season I think he’s driving better than ever. A win surely can’t be far away and it will rid him of an unwanted statistic. He’s the only driver in CLUB100 to win a Sprint Championship without ever winning a race. His time will come. Konstantinos Kyritsis is third and he too is knocking on the door of a win. Great to see Anwar Beroual-Smith high in the standings too. He’s playing himself back in nicely after some time away from the tracks. Alex Pritchard is fifth and he too looks a likely podium sitter, or rather stander, in the not too distant future. Craig Brown leads the Heavyweight C2 class. He’s driving very well at the moment. Dan Taylor and Steven Downes are second and third. In the EssexFlatPack Super Heavyweight Class Trevor Randall has taken over at the top whilst Richard Allen slips to second after an unlucky day at Whilton with Ben Benneyworth third.

DSC 7795

Thanks to everyone for a great day and particularly all the sponsors, Altima Academy for displaying the Ginetta and supporting the Super Final Championship and of course Stuart Germon’s company not just for the sponsorship of the SHW class but for keeping everyone supplied with cream eggs! He also supplied Easter eggs for the top three in the SHW class. Guess that will mean no one slimming down to challenge him the HW division.

And let’s not forget the two commentators Howard Mitchell and Andrew Mather from Double Dash Motorsport Media. They do a brilliant job keeping everyone entertained. I’ve not seen the coverage from Whilton yet but I’m going to put my feet up and watch it now.

Roll on Llandow for round four!