Rookie Endurance Championship 2013, Rd.9

October 12, 2012
Eddie Hall

With the rookie championship already sewn up, Team DGB were much more relaxed at this race. So much so that, for the first time ever, Chris Brown handed qualifying and start duties over to Chris Dean. This saw us with a new face on pole in the form of DOT Racing. User Centrix Racing were second with Team DGB third and Slickspeed fourth.

Josh from DOT Racing didn’t think he would be quick enough for pole so was delighted with the result.

“I’m very surprised because I only got a couple of clear laps in but we’ll have to see how it goes. We’ve got no real strategy but hopefully we can maintain this pace throughout the race.”

As the leaders got away cleanly, it was a disaster for the new champions as Dean spun off at the boot, taking Team G3 with him. With the champions already a lap down in last, it was to be a long afternoon. Up ahead, DOT Racing held onto the lead but they had User Centrix Racing right behind them. The latter made a move on lap 6 and took the lead. DOT Racing got the lead back a few laps later as the gap yo-yo’d between the two. Further back, Mobile Chicane found themselves in third place early on. Slickspeed were some way further back in fourth and were holding off the likes of Moriwaki, Team G3 and Crash Test Dummies. Team DGB had another spin in the first stint, leaving some sceptics suggesting they were deliberately making themselves look rubbish in an attempt to justify their existence in Inters next year rather than being men and making the move to Clubman.

DOT Racing and User Centrix Racing continued their duel after the pit stop window had closed with DOT maintaining the advantage. Mobile Chicane were still impressing in third with Slickspeed still fourth. There was another change of lead at the second fuel window with User Centrix this time having the advantage. Shortly afterwards, DOT Racing’s pace fell off and they dropped further behind. During this phase in the race, Team DGB started showing pace again and made short work of carving their way through the field and up to second. However, the leaders had built up a sizable gap by this stage.

During the usual mid-race lull, the order remained constant with User Centrix leading, Team DGB second and DOT Racing third. Team G3 and Moriwaki were squabbling over fourth with Crash Test Dummies sixth. Slickspeed were having a difficult afternoon and they were near the back of the field but ahead of Mobile CHicane who were back in familiar territory at the back of the field.

The second half of the race was about as interesting as a party political broadcast and not much changed. At one stage it looked like it might rain but the air barely became mildly moist. As the clocked ticked away, it became clear that the mighty Team DGB didn’t have an answer for User Centrix, who had built up a big enough lead to be able to relax. The new champions managed to unlap themselves but time was running out.

At the flag, User Centrix Racing came home for their second win of the year. Team DGB were second, maintaining their 100 percent podium record this year. DOT Racing were third.

User Centrix’s ever jovial Peter Jankowski was delighted with another win.

“We are really using this as practice for the sprints on Sunday but we are picking up some pace. We lost the brakes halfway through the race which was a bit painful and we had to spend the second half of the race trying to keep the brakes cool but we all managed to keep it together.”

It is a shame they haven’t competed in a full season of endurance racing because they would certainly have given Team DGB a run for their money. Jankowski suggested he might be competing full time next year in the inters class… perhaps we’ll see a straight fight between User Centrix Racing and Team DGB if the latter decide to pussy out of racing with the big boys.

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