RG Racing rock Clay

September 30, 2019
Eddie Hall

Despite a few poor results over the last few races, JK Rolling are still the clear favourites for the championship coming into Clay. With three races left, they have all but sewn things up. I could probably do the maths but I’m more interested in seeing what happens on track. Would they get back to winning ways here or would their recent run of poor form continue? Two hours of hard racing would determine the outcome.

DDMM Barnstormers were the class of the intermediate runners and took pole position. Team JAWS were a fraction behind them and lined up second in class. RG Racing were third with Freedie Morris today being joined by Tim Hill. Morris has had bitter luck over the past season and a half with team mates and was looking for an upturn in fortune. Qualifying ahead of championship leaders JK Rolling (who were fourth) was a good start. G3Pro G360 were next up and hoping for some good race pace.

It was a clean start and RG Racing had a great getaway to take the lead on the opening lap. Team JAWS maintained second but DDMM Barnstormers lost out and dropped to third. They quickly got back past Team JAWS for second but an early stop put them out of sync with their main rivals. Team JAWS were the next of the leading group to pit and RG Racing went longer still. Wisper were one of the last to pit and briefly led.

Once the first round of stops had been completed, RG Racing were back in the lead. Both Morris and Hill were driving exceptionally well. Team JAWS were still second and JK Rolling third. DDMM Barnstormers had dropped down to fourth but were right on the tail of JK Rolling. The battle for the championship was on. G3Pro G360 were in a race of their own in fifth. They were some way behind the top four but had a healthy lead over The Cornish Fasties.

Further down the order, the Two Sennas, Wisper, Rich Energy Racing and Kart Attack were all driving happily around in circles. Team Wisper picked up a black flag during the second stint. G3Pro G360 were also a recipient of a black flag, as were championship leaders JK Rolling. This pretty much ended any small chance they had of adding to their win tally. The second half of the season has proved to be much more difficult for them.

As the race approached half distance, RG Racing were way out in front. While half the field was busy picking up black flags, the team was steadily getting on with the job. Showing bith consistency and amazing pace, they were showing what they could have achieved over the course of the season. Team JAWS were a comfortable second and DDMM Barnstormers were third and slowly closing the gap to second. JK Rolling’s earlier black flag had gifted fourth place to the Cornish Fasties, although JK Rolling were lapping faster.

Black flags were coming thick and fast. Team JAWS and the Two Sennas both picked one up for repeated track limit violations. Cornish Fasties also received a black flag for riding the sausage, and Kart Attack got one for restarting their kart on the grass.

In the latter stages of the race, DDMM Barnstormers had closed the gap to RG Racing and led for a time with the early race leaders less than two seconds behind. However, on lap 130, RG Racing made a move for the lead and quickly opened up the gap again.

Over the last 30 or so laps, the gap gradually increased and, as is often the case in the inters class, the whole field spread out. After two hours of racing, RG Racing took a very popular maiden win by over 14 seconds. It was the team’s first visit to the podium and what a spectacularly brilliant performance it was too. DDMM Barnstormers took their seventh second place of the year and JK Rolling managed to salvage third.

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