Raceandclassics take it down to the wire

October 21, 2019
Eddie Hall

Before I start this race report, I’d like to take a moment to emphasise an important message made by a certain Formula 1 World champion about the state of the environment. It’s perfectly fine to burn fossil fuels for no better reason than to have a bit of a laugh. It’s no problem to race for a team sponsored by a petroleum company, own a fleet of petrol powered sportscars, fly around the world on a private jet and constantly update people on a touchscreen phone that is produced by using some surprisingly scarce materials. Just stop eating Peppa Pig and Daisy the Cow and become a vegetableist. It’s the only way to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent the demise of the penguins. Honestly, I feel like giving up…

Away from the self indulgence and hypocrisy of celebrities, it was back to the serious business of karting and to the penultimate round of the season. Raceandclassics.com needed a strong result here and duly delivered; taking pole position. G3Pro Farecla were the second fastest premier team but you had to go all the way back to the third row and sixth on the grid to find them. The Clubman teams were extremely rapid today. Titan could only manage third and eighth overall. G3Pro were fourth (10th overall) and SMJ Racing fifth (14th overall). It was a less than competitive showing for Team Applewood (16th) and SoundFP (24th). Rotax Means Rotax missed their second race of the year.

The pole sitters maintained their lead off the line and were only troubled by the handful of Clubman teams who were keeping main title rivals Titan at bay. 11th Hour’s Greg Barnard swept past Raceandclassic’s Jordan Hill on lap 10, although Raceandclassics retained the premier lead.

Further back and both G3Pro and Titan Motorsport made early stops on lap five. Raceandclassics came in on lap 15 which meant they came out of the pits still leading their class. Once all the pit stops had played out and Clubman team 11th Hour had served a penalty for missing their pit window, Raceandclassics took control at the front.

After twenty-five minutes, Raceandclassics held a nine second lead over Titan. G3Pro Farecla were still in third but some way further back. They had sister team G3Pro a clear four seconds behind them. Team Applewood and SoundFP weren’t having a great run and were struggling to break out of the mid field. SMJ were again propping up the rear of the field.

As the race approached half distance, Raceandclassics were still leading Titan and continued to extend their advantage. G3Pro Farecla were maintaining their impressive form in third ahead of their sister team. Team Applewood were having another poor race. SMJ were also languishing down the order. Another team in trouble was SoundFP. Andrew Hall Sr admitted to having a senior moment and forgot which part of the circuit he was on, and went off. The kart wouldn’t restart so he had to be pushed back to the pits for a replacement battery.

Raceandclasics briefly lost the lead when they made their third pit stop. However, Titan pitted the following lap and their stop was a massive four seconds slower than Raceandclassics’. The second half of the race was fairly mundane. The only drama being Titan receiving a black flag. Their lead over third was such that it did nothing but drop them further behind the leaders.

With ten minutes to go, Raceandclassics pretty much had it in the bag. They’d led from start to finish and had never really been challenged. Titan on the other hand were coming under increasing pressure from the on-form G3Pro Farecla. The latter was all over the back of them as we entered the final few minutes. It was a spectacular performance from the G3Pro Farecla team and they seemed to have had the legs over the usually quicker G3Pro team all day.

Over the last few laps, Raceandclassics were able to back off slightly. They cruised home to score a much needed victory. Titan just about managed to hold onto second. A stunning drive from G3Pro Farecla saw them take third, just a few tenths of a second behind Titan. G3Pro were fourth, Team Applewood fifth (albeit two laps behind). Propping up the prem finishers was SMJ in 20th and SoundFP 26th and dead last.

This win sees Raceandclassics close the gap to five points behind Titan Motorsport. The championship therefore goes down to the wire at Buckmore. Titan obviously have the advantage but it’s closer than it seems. If Raceandclassics win at Buckmore and Titan finish second, the two would tie on points. They would also tie on number of wins. However, if my knowledge of the rules is correct, Raceandclassics would take the championship by virtue of having more second places. If it’s any help, I won the 2011 Open championship over James Taylor in an almost identical countback situation. So it just goes to show, if a useless twat like me can do it, so can Jordan Hill.

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