Quadrant Class 3: Round 7, 2017

August 21, 2017
Eddie Hall

Race 1

Championship leaders Rapid Robots headed the class 3 teams on the grid. Axel Bros were out of position on the grid and started a few places higher than they should have, according to rivals G3Pro.

The race became a two-horse one between Axel Bros and Rapid Robots. These two pulled a huge gap to everyone else. The best of the rest was headed by Loose Heads. Mobile CHicane, fresh from their maiden podium last time out at Clay, were close behind in fourth. TM Racing were having a good run and harassing them. Norfolk and Chance and Prancing Donkeys were next up and ahead of G3Pro who were having a terrible race.

Axel Bros had an incident which dropped them out of the lead. This left Rapid Robots clearly out in front. They cruised home to take the first win of the day ahead of Loose Heads and Mobile Chicane.

Race 2

Axel Bros, Mobile Chicane and Rapid Robots took the top three grid slots for the second race of the day. The pole sitters made a great start and immediately opened up a huge gap to their rivals. Raid Robots were still second ahead of Norfolk and Chance, TM, Mobile Chicane and Loose Heads. G3 were having another poor showing and struggling to make up ground. Deeks Bros and Prancing Donkeys were propping up the rear of the pack in the early laps.

Axel Bros were in a class of their own. Actually, no, they were on pace with the class 1 teams and miles ahead of their rivals. Rapid Robots were still second but, by lap 15, had TM Racing all over the back of them. This didn’t last as TM then got into a battle with Loose Heads and lost a bit of time, also succumbing to Loose Heads in the process.

Ultimately, Axel Bros swept to the most dominant victory yet. Rapid RObots came home second and Loose Heads held on to third.

Race 3

Loose heads, G3Pro and TM Racing were the top three on the grid for race three of class three. G3 needed to win this really to keep in touch with Rapid Robots.

There was an aborted start after some drama in the mid field but, at the restart, Prancing Donkeys had a coming together with class 2 team E10 Brickies. Loose Heads led the way and were followed by Rapid Robots. The Robots took the lead on lap 2. TM Racing were once again in a strong position in third ahead of Axel Bros. G3Pro were once again struggling to make any sort of impression in what was turning out to be a frustrating day for them.

Almost inevitably, Axel Bros worked their way into the lead and pulled a big gap. Rapid Robots were second and Loose Heads third. The race was stopped after two karts came together at the chicane. With less than 10 minutes remaining, the race was restarted and Axel Bros continued as they left off and duly won. Rapid Robots were second but an incident shortly after the restart dropped them behind Norfolk and Chance. This left Loose Heads second and Norfolk and Chance third, with Mobile Chicane for finishing fifth behind the Robots.

Race 4

Norfolk and Chance and Mobile Chicane were the best starting teams for the final race of the day. Once again the race was restarted after a huge coming together at the first chicane. The restart saw TM Racing heading the field ahead of Prancing Donkeys and Mobile Chicane. Rapid Robots got past the Chicaners on lap 6 and set about catching the leading duo. G3Pro were looking slightly more competitive in this race in fifth bust still way off where they needed to be. Axel Bros, on the other hand, were nowhere in this race.

It was a fairly uneventful race for the leaders. TM Racing led from start to finish and came home some way ahead of Prancing Donkeys. Rapid Robots were unable to catch these two and came home third, just ahead of G3Pro Racing.

Final Result

Although they didn’t have it all their own way today, Rapid Robots emerged as the overall winners for the fifth time in seven races. Loose Heads took a popular second place, just about managing to it their zimmer frames on the podium. A few incidents possibly cost Axel Bros the win but they nevertheless managed to salvage third place.

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