Quadrant Class 2: Round 7, 2017

August 21, 2017
Eddie Hall

Race 1

SMJ Racing were allocated pole for race 1. Moore & Moore were second ahead of Big Cat Motorsport and Keen As Mustard. SMJ held their own at the front and were only passed by the two top class 1 teams in the early laps. By half distance they had been dropped by the top five class 1 teams but were still leading their class, just a fraction ahead of Keen As Mustard. Clunge were having a good race and were running third but were some way off the leading two teams. 2T Black flag??

2T received the first black flag of the day, effectively ending their race. By contrast, Jammy Dodgers were coming through the field at a rate of knots and were challenging the top 6 after 20 minutes.

SMJ Racing eased out a three second lead over Keen As Mustard to win. Clunge had also pulled out a comfortable gap over Big Cat Motorsport to take third. The Big Cats lost out to Jammy Dodgers on the last lap in what was a close finish.

Race 2

Chris Dean and BGID Racing were on the front row for race 2. Dean held his nerve and led the opening lap. BGID lost out to Cranfield Legacy and were coming under pressure from SoundFP and Big Cat Motorsport in the opening few laps.

SoundFP were on a charge and up to second by lap 6. Cranfield Legacy were still holding their own and had the benefit of a few class 1 teams between them and BGID, Jammy Dodgers and E10 Brickies. However, Jammy Dodger came unstuck on lap 9 and dropped to the tail of the field. Chris Brown parked up yet again after losing a throttle cable trying to arse rape a rival, or because he had sand in his vagina – depending on who you asked.

The flying SoundFP took the lead from Chris Dean (on lap ???) but Dean wasn’t giving up without a fight and harried them for several laps before the leaders edged out a seond and a half on them. They claimed a masterful victory but it was a great result for Chris Dean. Cranfield Legacy came home third.

Race 3

Jammy dodgers and STOaT found themselves on the front row for race three so this was a great opportunity for them to score big. There was an aborted start and SoundFP had to jump into a spare kart. At the restart, E10 Brickies came together with class 3 team Prancing Donkeys.

Jammy Dodgers got shuffled down the order in the early stages. This left STOaT in the lead ahead of Clunge Racing and Keen As Mustard; these two in a close battle. Cranfield Legacy had come up through the field and got into the battle at the front. Jammy Dodgers were also recovering. Keen As Mustard’s harrying of STOaT paid off and they nipped past on lap 12. The order at half distance was Keen As Mustard, STOaT, Cranfield, Jammy Dodgers and Clunge. It was all very close and the top teams were separated by tenths. Unfortunately the race was red flagged with just under 10 minutes remaining. At the restart, Keen As Mustard retained their lead but Jammy Dodgers were now on the move and up to second. However, they with a couple of laps to go they dropped down after an incident and this left Keen As Mustard clear to win with Cranfield Legacy second and Clunge third.

Race 4

2T Racing started on pole ahead of KOKS Talladega. Once again the race was restarted after a huge coming together at the first chicane and, at the restart, Chris Dean found himself chasing KOK. SoundFP were chasing him down while further back there was a close battle going on between Keen As Mustard, Clunge, BGID, Cranfield Legacy and SMJ Racing.

Over the next few laps, KOKS extended their lead. Slickspeed had found their way past SoundFP and Chris Dean, who lost out while battling hard. There were really close battles up and down the field with a train of karts running nose to tail.

SoundFP were up to second by lap 17 and closing the gap to the leaders. They closed to within a second but ultimately ran out of time to make a move. Second place was a good effort. Slickspeed held on to third ahead of Chris Dean.

Final Result

Keen As Mustard took a well deserved overall win after a series of solid drives throughout the afternoon. SoundFP took the runner-up spot for the second time today and Jammy Dodgers took home silver.

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