Premier Sprint Championship 2014, Rd 6

C100R6 P 2404

Glorious weather greeted the Club once again this season. Buckmore Park usually bookends the season so it made a pleasant change to visit the home of British Karting in the middle of summer. A few drivers actually complained it was too hot. Take on more fluids and get fitter is the answer. Also, it was sad to see a petulant display from one driver who having spun/been taken out left his Kart on the circuit and walked back to the paddock in a strop leaving someone else to assist the pusher Kart in removing his machine from the circuit. This is the sort of behaviour mote associated with an aisle in Mothercare. I won’t name the driver concerned but this Prima Donna behaviour is not only unsporting it causes delays in running the event which can cause truncated races for everybody.

Premiers Heat 1

Calum McGregor it was then who led the field away from pole with third placed Dan Milner immediately dispensing with second placed Jamie Crease at the start. Fourth placed Stephen Hicks was also quickly by Crease with the veteran Trevor Randal holding a watching brief in fifth. Already in trouble was Tim Clark who spun and fell to the back of the pack losing a whole lap in the process. Pete O’Connor was another who lost out in the usual bumping and boring at hairpins one and two falling five places but then beginning a strong recovery drive. Meanwhile, at the front Milner was passed McGregor for the lead with Crease recovering his composure to move ahead of Hicks into third. A very pacy Jack Harding was beginning a charge moving ahead of Randall and Ray Norris and setting the fastest lap of the race. Poor Alex Ring was suffering a lack of pace and falling steadily to the back of the field. Milner though was hanging on to the lead and making no mistakes but behind Crease and McGregor were having a real battle over second until McGregor spun on the exit of Garda delaying Crease and allowing the charging Harding into second. Sadly, Mc Gregor was out on the spot and would post a DNF. Milner continued at the front and took the flag with Harding just under a second behind. Crease hung on to third with Chris Powell a couple of tenths adrift in fourth. A fine drive this from the former champion using all his racecraft to move up seven places. Randall managed to recover back to fifth ahead of Norris and disappointed Hicks who lost several places over the final two laps. Ian Blake, Jonathan Lisseter and Parmveer Nijjar rounded out the top ten.

Premier Sprint Heat 2

Michael Chaplin led away from pole with David Waters tucking in behind but not for long as Simon Alcock was quickly by. Geoff Saunderson moved into fourth ahead of Scott Martin and Jay Elliot who had got the jump on Jay Elliot. Behind these though was real first lap scrap. Parm Nijjar moved quickly from twelfth to eighth with Pete O’Connor tucked in behind. But not for long. O’Connor’s good work came to nought as he spun to the back of the pack allowing Powell to begin a race long chase of Nijjar. Tim Clark dropped behind these two but could make little impression. Jamie Crease was on a charge from the back row as was Calum Mc Gregor, hoping to make up for his first heat disappointment. Chaplin continued to pull away at the front with Alcock leading a pack of drivers all intent on second place. On lap 4 Waters made it by into second closely pursued by Saunderson and Scott Martin. Alcock began to fall back and would eventually finish tenth. Chaplin though was untroubled at the front and took the win from Waters with Saunderson third. Stuart Martin made it by Scott Martin. Nijjar kept ahead of Powell followed at a distance by Ian Blake, Jay Elliot and Alcock. Jamie Crease looked to be heading for a top ten finish until an incident with Jonathan Lisseter saw him excluded and Lisseter posting a DNF. Ian Blake set the fastest lap of the heat with a 46.584 which would also prove to be the fastest lap of the day.

Premier Sprint Final 1

Chris Powell on pole then from Michael Chaplin with Ian Blake and Parm Nijjar on row 2. Next up was Jack Harding with Stuart Martin alongside followed by Dan Milner and Geoff Saunderson with Scott Martin and David Waters rounding out the top ten. Powell made the most of his pole position to lead the pack away but Nijjar wasn’t going to be cast adrift, getting the drop on Blake at the start and then moving by Chaplin to slot in behind Powell and begin a race long duel for the lead which saw these two pull a gap on third. Blake moved by Chaplin for third and these two also enjoyed a great battle. Down the order Dan Milner was having a troubled race falling to eleventh before moving briefly ahead of Randall and then spoiling his day by spinning to the rear of the field. Alex Ring was another not having the best of days as he spun down the order having been involved in an incident at hairpin one. He would eventually finish last and a lap adrift. At the front Powell continued to lead with Nijjar right on his bumper and biding his time. Blake was holding off Chaplin for third but the latter got by into the hairpin on lap 7. Geoff Saunderson was running just behind these two and keeping them honest whilst Harding, Waters and Scott Martin were circulating line astern. Powell continued to lead but Nijjar kept putting his nose inside at the hairpins. On lap ten he kept he braked fractionally later into hairpin two. Side by side they went but Nijjar had the line and the lead. Blake made it by Chaplin at the same place only for Chaplin to take the place back a lap later. All good clean racing though. Down the field Tim Clark was making good progress moving up ten places by the flag and setting the fastest lap of the race. Despite the close attention of Powell Nijjar took the win. Chaplin hung on to third from Blake with Saunderson behind from, Harding, Waters, Scott Martin and the impressive Tim Clark. Trevor Randall rounded out the top ten.

Premier Sprint Final 2

Ian Blake on the pole with Tim Clark alongside followed by Pete O’Connor, looking to put a disappointing first final behind him and Parm Nijjar, Looking for valuable championship points. Jack Harding and Chris Powell were on ro3 followed by Stuart Martin and Scott Martin with Geoff Saunderson and Michael Chaplin rounding out the top ten.
Blake led the field away from pole with Clark tucked in behind . Nijjar was by O’Connor at the hairpin with Powell also getting by Harding and hounding Nijjar. O’Connor fell to fifth. Scott Martin got ahead of Stuart Martin who fell rapidly down the pack. Saunderson was another losing out with Jamie Crease and Jay Elliot also making up places at the expense of Ray Norris. And all this on the first lap. Great stuff! Blake continued to lead from Clark but Powell was looking to be by Nijjar for third and eventually made it by at the hairpin on lap three. The race settled into something of a procession but it was anything but boring. Blake led from Clark, Powell, Nijjar , O’Connor and Harding with Scott Martin and Crease just a little adrift. Harding finally found a way past O’Connor for fifth but didn’t look like he could get any higher without someone making a mistake. On Lap eleven the lead finally changed when Clark got a run on Blake into the hairpin to hit the front. Two laps later it was the turn of Nijjar as the front four closed up and Powell went defensive at the hairpin Nijjar made it through to third. Clark though was not to be denied and took his first ever Club 100 win after a very clean drive. Blake took second ahead of Nijjar, Powell, Harding, O’Connor, Scott Martin, Crease, Chaplin and Alex Ring. Jack Harding took fastest lap.

After all the points were added up though it was Parm Nijjar who took top step on the podium. Chris Powell took second by virtue of a faster fastest lap from Ian Blake. Tim Clark just missed out on a trophy which would have been fitting after his win in Final 2. The top three though are looking good for the championship. Anyone taking bets ?