Premier Sprint Championship 2014, Rd.8

Premiers Heat 1

Geoff Saunderson made the most of pole as the pack sprinted away from the line. A clean start too. Dan Milner and Scott Martin were next up ahead of Alex Ring and Ray Norris. Point’s leader Pete O’Connor was quickly on the pace and looking to make up places from grid 13. Norris grabbed fourth from Ring but was given a contact warning. It was a warning he failed to heed as a second penalty for the same offence would ultimately cost him a two place deduction. Ring was back up to fourth a lap later but had Jack Harding in close attendance, Harding having dropped behind Brooks at the start but now finding a rhythm. Current champion Chris Powell had dropped sharply down the order from grid 10 and was running in fourteenth. Not a good race for him as he also suffered a further place deduction having clipped a cone. Daz Teal was another who couldn’t position his Kart properly and took a one place penalty. A scruffy race from him too which saw him lose five places by the flag. Scott Martin finally found a way by Milner and set off in pursuit of leader Saunderson. Ring and Harding also found a way by dropping Milner to fifth. Coming into the last lap Martin had a look at Saunderson for the lead and didn’t quite make the move stick but he had the momentum and took the lead in Haynes Loop. A bit of sidepod brushing but it was a fair enough move. Saunderson shadowed him to the flag but it was a win for Martin by just.160 with the two baby prems Ring and Harding third and fourth. Ninth placed Jonathan Lisseter set the fastest lap of the race with a 49.499, a record.

Premiers Heat 2

Jamie Crease on the pole from Stephen Hicks followed by Trevor Randall and Stuart Martin. Jonathan Lisseter, fastest man in Heat one was back on the fourth row. Crease led away from Hicks but Randall was soon in trouble and falling to the back of the nineteen strong field. Not a good day for the former champion. Perhaps a change of category is in the offing? Lisseter drove a barnstorming first lap to move up to second ahead of Tim Clark with Jay Elliot shadowing his every move. Down the order Chris Powell, Daz Teal and Matt Brooks were all losing out as Parm Nijjar stayed well out of trouble. Harding, Norris and Ring all made up several places. As the leaders started their third tour it was Lisseter in front from Crease with Clark third but having to defend from a charging Elliot. Ian Blake had made good progress to move into fifth. Down the order Powell was putting in a champion’s drive which would eventually net him a hard earned eighth. Lisseter and Crease continued to circulate almost as one. A good fight this with both drivers giving each other racing room. Elliot eventually found a way past Clark for third who then found himself coming under pressure from Blake. At the flag though it was a Lisseter who held on for the win, admitting later that he knew Crease had a quick Kart as it was the one he had had in the previous heat ! Elliot took third from Clark, Blake, Hicks and Nijjar.

Premier Sprint Final 1

Lisseter made the most of pole to lead at the end of the first tour but it was a tight fight behind. Harding slipped by Blake taking a fast starting Tim Clark with him. Parm Nijjar got a flyer making up three places to fifth. Down the order Stephen Hicks and Chris Powell were moving up the order whilst Championship point’s leader Pete O’Connor was dropping back along with Geoff Saunderson. Former Champion Trevor Randall was circulating in last place. At the front Lisseter was coming under pressure from Harding for the lead who eventually found a way by at the far end of the circuit. Clark was holding third ahead of Blake with Nijjar still in fifth chased by Scott Martin and Jamie Crease. Harding continued to lead but Lisseter was pressing hard with Blake closing, the latter having taken Ring for third. At the flag though it was Harding who held on for a much deserved win from Lisseter and Blake. Clark had dropped away from the leaders but came home fourth having enjoyed a great battle with Ring. Nijjar ran for much of the race in fifth but would finally be classified sixth just ahead of the feisty Powell who made up seven places during the race. Alex Ring set the fastest lap of the race

Premier Sprint Final 2

Jay Elliot got the better of poleman Lisseter at the start to lead the field at the end of the first lap. Chris Powell was up to third having quickly fought his by Blake and Hicks. Crease was sixth but Parm Nijjar was really on the move from his tenth placed grid spot. Lisseter got back ahead of Elliot for the lead whilst Hicks got himself back ahead of Powell with Nijjar now in close attendance. Jamie Crease lost out big time and fell well down the order whilst Tim Clark and Pete O’Connor made up ground. Final 1 winner Jack Harding was out though with a stuck throttle. A shame this as only a few more points would have put him on the podium. By mid race Lisseter was beginning to create a gap from Elliot. Powell got back ahead of Hicks with Nijjar poised ominously in fifth. Then it went pear shaped. Hicks and Nijjar forced their way ahead of Powell and Elliot with Powell dropping back to seventh. Elliot was clearly unsettled and fell down the order. Lisseter reeled off the remaining laps with a comfortable lead whilst Hicks and Nijjar squabbled over second, Hicks just getting the verdict. Powell recovered brilliantly to take fourth from Scott Martin, Blake, Ring and the hapless Elliot. Lisseter was overjoyed to take the win ‘Good day, great track, loved it!’ Despite finishing last Daz Teal set the fastest lap of the race on the final lap.