Premier Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.8

As the premier championship enters its closing stages, Brian Trott has a good lead. However, poor qualifying heats saw him down in 13th on the grid for final one and with a lot of work to do. Chris Powell was on pole with Pete O’Connor alongside. Championship hopeful Ian Blake was 3rd and looking to capitalise on Trott’s poor grid slot.

Powell got away first with Ian Blake nipping past O’Connor for 2nd. He chased Powell hard over the next few laps and made a successful move on lap 7. Powell wasn’t giving up easily however and her harried Blake for the remaining 7 laps. They built a 2s gap over O’Connor who was in turn 1s clear of Symonds who had worked his way up from 6th to 4th. Despite his best efforts, Powell couldn’t break Blake and he won by barely a tenth of a second.

It was the flying Rich Higham who was on pole for final 2 with Trott back to familiar territory in 2nd. Powell was 3rd, Allwood 4th and Blake 5th. It was set to be an exciting battle at the front.

Higham made good use of his pole to lead the field round the opening lap as Trott was shuffled down to 4th. Powell and Allwood were battling hard for 2nd and exchanging places lap after lap whilst still giving Higham cause for concern. Lap 7 saw Allwood got for the lead with Powell trying to follow through. The net result was Higham being demoted to 4th and Trott taking them all. The battle wasn’t over and they continued to pass and re-pass each other. In the melee Higham picked up a penalty and this allowed Allwood to snatch victory with Powell 2nd and Trott being promoted to 3rd.