Premier Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.5

Reigning champion Chris Powell took pole for final 1 with Brian Trott alongside. Parmveer Nijjar and Jonny Goddard made up row 2 with Ian Blake and Jay Elliott, who was the best of the “baby prems” on row 3.

Goddard made a flying start from grid 4 to take the lead on the opening lap. Shaun Hollingsworth was a first lap casualty. Powell took back the lead on lap 2 and established a small lead over the chasing Goddard who, in turn, was easing out a gap to the following pack led by Ian Blake. Matt Brooks, Brian Trott and Parmveer Nijar were all embroiled in a battle for 4th. Aside from a few minor position changes, the running order at the front remained unchanged and Powell took victory from Goddard and Blake.

Fastest lap of the day saw Jon Lissetter on pole. Nijjar was 2nd with Tim Clark an impressive 3rd and Powell 4th. Powell “did a Goddard” and jumped from 4th to 1st on the opening lap and built a comfortable 1.5s gap over Lissetter. Over the next few laps the field spread out evenly with the top positions remaining largely unchanged. The high quality of drivers at prem level saw no mistakes and Powell went on to do the double; winning from Lissetter and Goddard.