Premier Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.4

With 4 wins and a 2nd from the first 6 races, championship leader Brian Trott came into Ellough Park as favourite. Solid qualifying heats saw him on pole with Pete O’Connor 2nd, Darren Teal 3rd, Ian Blake 4th and Shaun Hollingsworth the best of the baby prems in 5th.

O’Connor got bumped down to 4th on the opening lap, allowing Teal and Blake to chase Trott. Blake and Teal then got embroiled in a fierce battle for 2nd, exchanging places numerous times before Bale opened a gap and started chasing down the leader. Trott had opened up a 1s gap but the flying Blake easily closed him down and passed him on the final lap to win.

Having set fastest lap of the day, Jonny Goddard found himself on pole for final 2 ahead of Parmveer Nijjar. Blake and Trott made up row two and looked set to recommence their duel.

Goddard led the opening lap. Blake was once again the man on the move, getting into 2nd with Nijjar, Trott and Chris Powell all in close attendance. Blake made his move on Goddard on lap 4. The latter, possibly wrong-footed, lost a bunch of places on the following lap and dropped to 6th. Trott was right on Blake’s rear bumper as these two eased out a gap to Jon Lisseter who was now up to 3rd. Trott made his move on lap 8 and held it to the end. Chris Powell nipped past Lisseter to take the final step on the podium.