Premier Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.2

With a 2nd and 1st at round 1, Brian Trott was looking menacing as the drivers arrived for round 2 of the Premier sprint championship. Rookie sensation Peter Cole would also be a man to watch.
Seemingly recovered from his embarrassing brush with a fence in the pitlane on Saturday, Chris Powell took pole for final 1 with a rapid looking Chris Hanson alongside. Trott was 3rd with Oli Allwood and Ian Blake making up the top 5.
Powell maintained his lead off the line while Hanson dropped down to 4th – typically hampered by being on the outside line. Trott nipped past Powell on lap 3 and soon built up a 2 second lead while Powell and Blake fought over 2nd. Further back, Cole was leading the “Baby Prems” but not showing the sort of pace he did at Buckmore. Trott won from Powell and Blake.
Final 2 saw Trott on pole with Peter Cole looking more of a threat in 2nd. Pete O’Connor put in a good time to take 3rd.
Trott made good use of his pole position and stayed in front. The curse of the outside row hit Cole and he dropped to 4th. This allowed Blake to jump into 2nd ahead of O’Connor. Trevor Randall and Jonny Goddard were among the first lap casualties. Back at the front and Brian Trott maintained a half second lead over the chasing pack led by Blake. Peter Cole hung on to 3rd until lap 7 when he was caught and passed by Powell. Despite closing to within a couple of tenths, Blake didn’t quite have the pace to prevent Trott from doing the double.