Pagano vs Golding. Pietro Wins The Battle, As Broadley Fouls Out. Doesn’t Feel Right.

C100R5 GYG 0717 copy

C100R5-GYG-1889James Martin had pole position for the Pre B Final although Andrew Hunt came through from grid 4 to lead, Simon Sharpe dropping to 3rd, then James Venning off the 3rd row. Hunt appeared to have more pace, and more grip than anyone else, half a second a lap, but appearances can be deceiving, and he’d fall off the leader board on lap 4, likewise Martin and Mike Noon, who’d made good progress from grid 12 to be in the running for a top 4 qualifying position. But thats just it, you needed to keep running. Everyone adjusted to the reality of the track conditions and their limit of kart control. Venning stretched clear of Freddie Fincham, Sam Dicker (back where he started) and Aidan Kitchener. Simon Sharpe and Lee Norris were able to stay in touch with Kitchener for a while but couldn’t run his pace consistently enough to be close at the finish. Venning, Dicker, Fincham and indeed Kitchener were solid through to the finish and qualification.

C100R5-GYG-2007Owen Griffiths, who’d missed out on the GYG prize drive, but was so keen he’d contacted the Facebook to race it anyway, had pole position for the Pre A Final after Timed Qualifying, from Stefan Scully fastest in the other group. The first run up the hill saw Darri Simms helped (?) off at Spoon, and it looked like a group of 5 might get away – Scully, Griffiths, Golding, Moreira and Powell, but then everyone sorted themselves out behind and Bobby Dawes brought the field through the stripe only half a second off Powell. Indeed Powell couldn’t live with the pace upfront, Golding was knocked back to 8th (I didn’t see it) but still ahead of Pagano, who was involved with Frankie Hedges and Broadley. It was certainly tricky, Pagano slithered off at Carousel, but kept it going down in 14th. I can’t help but wonder if Moreira’s exclusion was anything to do with leader Griffiths dropping to 22nd, then again, Owen was also excluded. All I know is they are both for contact. This effectively left Scully running 4secs behind, the disappearing into the distance Moreira, as the real leader, Golding had run through Lammin, Dawes, Turner, to be closing on Scully over halfway and he’d make his move down into Carousel for 2nd (read as the lead) on lap 9. Scully and Turner settled in behind to run to the finish. Behind Broadley ran in 4th to the finish, faster than the lead group but with too much to do. Chris Penny was a distant 7secs behind, nevertheless an excellent 5th bringing through the bulk of the field stretched out behind him.

C100R5-GYG-1800Only 12 for the B Final looking for one of two remaining qualification spots on the back the of the A Final, and I caveat this with the weather was getting worse, but produced one of the dullest races, we’ve had to film in recent memory. No, its saying something when your camera crew are texting you to tell you how bad a race is, while it is going on…

Lee Norris converted pole position ahead of Simon Sharpe the pair pulling clear off turn 1 as James Munro could not find any traction and was looking over his shoulder heading up the Dragon Straight. He needn’t have bothered Jon Watkins and Chris Moore were side by side into Spoon, Andrew Hunt pushing in between them off the corner but Hunt had forgotten that he was not Tom Pryce, regarded as (the Welsh, seems doubly apporiate) Rain Master, went down the inside of Watkins down the hill, straight on and spun attempting a turn for Carousel, Munro spun further around the corner, perhaps so Andrew wasn’t alone.

C100R5-GYG-1851The contest for qualification was over, at least if they could stay on track, by the end of the first lap, Norris had 1secs lead he’d continue to extend and Sharpe had a 3secs advantage over the rest of the field headed by Summers, Watkins and Noon. Although it was Noon looking most likely moving through Summers, at the 2nd attempt, to be 6secs off Sharpe at the end of lap 3, after block passing Craig into the last corner. It also put Summers on the exit kerb to kill his momentum and allow Watkins back into 4th place although that only lasted half a lap before James Martin took up station as leader of the pack. The race essentially became a foot race, albeit a slightly drunken, unsteady one, given the road condition and the slick tyres. Sharpe was closing in on qualification and in sight of the finish, at the same time Mike had decided it was worth chancing his arm, he repeated his last corner block pass on Sharpe who, to be fair, kept his foot in and Simon bounced over start finish line but on the grass before coming to a halt. It wasn’t enough, wet tarmac, trumps wet grass. Noon joined Norris in the A final.

C100R5-GYG-2177Well I’ve reported the bulk of the A Final already. Golding, Broadley and Scully had made the better starts and by the time they came down from Spoon the trio although not nose to tail as a group, indeed perhaps because they were not a group, had broken clear of the chasing field headed by George Turner, a fast starting Bobby Dawes, Frankie Hedges, Alex Lammin, Darri Simms, Chris Penny, Sam Parrant, James Venning, Pietro Pagano and Aidan Kitchener most of then side by side with one or more. A run through Compression and the switch back released Turner and Hedges but it was still frantic into the last corner, Lammin unimpressed to be pushed wide in the scrabble for grip and light contact from Dawes, with perhaps a little encouragement from Pagano. No call, no foul, so… Chris Dixon got ran out of the side of the pack and up to the tyre wall, up at Spoon on lap 2, but the pack were beginning to calm down and get in line, but the top 5 were clear and running on their respective paces. Pagano pulled clear of Lammin and into Hedges going under him on the approach to Spoon. Parrant lost control under braking into Carousel fumbling a pass on Dawes for 9th place a couple of laps later, Simms ran out of road, grip and talent and into the scenery on his own, from a (as) comfortable (as could be expected) 8th place, two corners later. Fernando Moreira, having started 24th, tried to go around the outside Venning in the last corner for what had become 11th at the end of the lap, he’d bounce back on behind Adam Sircar in 16th. He’d be back later though as far as 13th when he dropped a rear wheel off the road on the exit of Carousel and looped into the infield. Entertaining while it lasted.

C100R5-GYG-2214Approaching half way the front of the race had divided into 3 groups, Golding and Broadley, with Broadley’s pass and Golding’s off imminent, gap to Scully just out of reach of Turner and Pagano, who’d dived through into Carousel, gap then to Hedges and Lammin. Broadley made his move, Golding fell off. Pagano closed on Scully, who came within a whisker of needing extra steering lock to hold on to forward motion (as opposed to rotational motion) into Carousel, opposite lock to the lock stops he was just able to hang on running back around the outside of Pietro off the corner. Stefan wobbled off the next corner at the top of the hill, turning in from wide left into Compression, I have to say Pietro clobbered into to his right rear wheel. Not necessarily deliberate, or malicious, but I can only assume an unseen ABC. What was I saying about “lucky”?

The rest you know. A win for Pagano from Turner. But it doesn’t feel right with Broadley 15secs up the road demoted to 3rd for kerbs…

Round 6 is at Clay Pigeon on 31 July 2016.

Photography: Jack Mitchell, JAM Motorsport Photography