Oh Yeah, I Remember Parmveer Nijjar. He’s Back!

C100Llandow 6831 scaled

Parmveer Nijjar got off to a good start, something that has usually been missing this year, reportedly Parmveer has contracted the services of #SuperBri in a consultancy role, which even includes dressing like him. Weird. But strangely effective. Even if it’s not true. Awin from the front row in Heat 1 holding off pole man, and new fashionista Darren Teal, what with his smart new race suit. What next? Gold boots? And Ian Blake off grid 8. Parmveer had run into The Hook side by side on the outside of the right hand element to be inside and ahead on the long left, to exit with the lead, by the time they returned to the start line Parmveer had another kart length, Teal followed by Callum McGregor off the grid, then a fast starting Freddie Gallagher, Ian Blake and Jonathan Lisseter, who had slipped back from the 2nd row, and Pete O’Connor off to great start from 11th about to dispatch Stephen Hicks into the Raymonds hairpin. The rain was returning and although the track that was just about holding up semi-dry it wasn’t expected to last. Gallagher sallied forth into Raymonds on McGregor, ran the pair deep into the corner and Blake was straight passed McGregor on the exit on the inside Gallagher into The Hook. And that was pretty much it. Blake’s, or maybe Gallagher’s move had given Nijjar and Teal room, Darren was only just in range of keeping Nijjar honest at 0.5secs, and Blake was 1.5secs behind. To run either down in the remaining 4 laps was an ask and he didn’t. Behind Baby Prem Gallagher held off first McGregor, the drizzle not yet wetting the track, he pulled clear, Lisseter inside of Callum exiting McWhirters (sausage corner), leaving two warring groups Lisseter, Bartlett, Hicks and O’Connor and just off, McGregor on the slide, Jay Elliott, Paul Jennings, Chris Powell, Ray Norris, Matt Brooks and championship leader Anwar Beroual-Smith, the latter somewhat lacking in ‘Go’ all day. Final lap Elliott slid inside Lisseter for 6th in McWhirters and after Bartlett ran slow out of Chandlers to leave Jay on his bumper into Raymonds, Steve went narrow, Jay – wide in, shallow out lost on the drag race to the line with Steve by a whisker. Never mind, Bartlett had a 4 place penalty. Jay was 5th.

C100Llandow-3762Chris Powell rolled the clock back to 2013 and crushed his Premier Class rivals again to win Heat 2 by 5.5secs, ahead of pole man Jay Elliott and Steve Brown, who had spent the first heat going for a time. Well there was nothing else he could be doing off the back. Jay got the hole shot into turn 1 ahead of Ray Norris. Powell in 3rd ahead of O’Connor joined at the hip (or is that axle?) with Paul Jennings, Anwar not liking the conditions? Nah. The kart? Of course not. The track? Or D. All of the above? Not sure. Powell was bravest into Chandlers and Norris let him have 2nd place. On to lap 2 I think Jay realised it was Chris not Ray moving on to his bumper and the trouble with an increasingly moist track when leading, is being first in each lap. Powell sat waiting for his moment and ran up the inside into Raymonds preventing Jay from turning in. A lap of buttery smooth driving from one of those cow shires, well he’s used to the loose, not just through rallying, but from traversing local roads caked in cow shit left to catch out unwitting townies out for a hoon, or middle aged men in lycra (just saying) and still managing to clip apexes like casually attaching teat cups in the milking shed. It gave Jay a few pointers, but the next lap Chris was clear. This left Elliott, Norris, O’Connor, Brown and Brookes contesting the minor places, and minor places make points for the grid for the Pre Final. There was a bit of a sort out into Raymonds on Lap 4, Elliott hung on to 2nd but he would be holding off Brown ahead of Brookes who passed O’Connor in McWhirters as Norris faded away. Not sure Ray liked the conditions.

C100Llandow-3994 The converted points from the heats put Jay Elliott in pole position for Pre-Final and it was proper wet, shiny wet with puddles, and the beginning of wet with rooster tails. And I was glad I had retired (from karting). Jay converted off the start, able to clip the first 3 apexes of The Hook and was clear, because he was the only one who could take that line. Teal had his hands full with Powell and Brooks, behind Lisseter passed Niijar for 6th. Teal edged into Jay, then Powell began to press, off McWhirters it looked like Darren was really going to run into Chandlers on the outside. Errr… No Powell was 2nd and in leaving it late to let Chris havde it, Darren put Brookes on his bumper and down the inside into Surtees the next lap, Then in trying to wrest it back it, and we would all try, it put O’Connor in the prime position to throw one down the inside into Raymonds. At this point, halfway, maybe Jay realised his pace was good and he was holding Chris Powell at just over 1.5secs, a win was on. Only… Guesting Chris could go boom or bust, a tenth here, a tenth there, it was still 0.8secs going on to the last lap into Raymonds. Jay wasn’t tying up like some blowing 1500m runner he was rock solid 62.6, 62.7, but Powell was 62.2 on the last lap, into Raymonds it was down to 3 kart lengths. Too far for a lunge, maybe not for some, but Chris is a class act. Elliott kept it pointed in the right direction off the corner. Win. Nijjar threw another one up the inside of Brooks at Raymonds but Matt got to the line first. For Parmveer it was damage limitation he had a 4 place penalty for contact and Brooks a 1 place drop for a cone. The real result was Elliott, Powell, then a long way off 6secs back to Brooks, O’Connor, Teal and Lisseter in 6th.

C100Llandow-4210The rain stopped, the skies brightened, the track was still soggy but beginning to clear but the Premier Class Final will most notable (sorry Parm’) for it’s 6 starts, the last in single file after being red flagged for a dressing down from John Vigor. I can’t remember the last time we did that. Let’s not dwell on that. Shortened to just 7 of the scheduled 10laps, Steve Brown led the line over the line but went a little deep into the Hook, and Jay Elliott, who’d held off Blake & Co, pushed all his chips on to the table into Surtees, tracking out and running into McWhirters on the inside kerb. When they emerged from The Dell, Elliott had a few kart lengths on Blake, Nijjar arrived at turn in inside of Brown into Raymond’s to go 3rd. Parmveer repeated the trick on Blake the next lap, just as Ian was beginning to get in range of Elliott. Darren Teal moved into 4th as Brown fell back. And would you know it, Nijjar moved straight on to Elliott with excellent drive out of The Dell he again arrived at the turn in, inside, Elliott not bothering to defend, doubtless hoping to pull clear with Parmveer and sort it out later. Although later would neither be very long nor likely to happen as Nijjar pulled 2 kart lengths on traction out of The Hook. Nijjar put a second into the field, O’Connor preoccupied Teal into Raymonds, and the top 3 was set. There was only 2 laps to go. Parmveer Nijjar won by 4secs, Blake never got back on terms with Elliott, but was well out of reach of Teal into Raymonds for the last time. Darren had seen off O’Connor, Lisseter, Brooks and Bartlett, as leading Baby Prem. They all needed more laps to make progress into the top 5. But that’s what 5 false starts does for you.

Next stop Club100 returns to one of it’s spiritual home from homes – Lydd, on the Kent coast on 20 September.