News flash! KyritsHicks get beaten.

August 21, 2018
Eddie Hall
Since 2015, Lydd has once again become a permanent fixture on the Club100 calendar. The fast layout is popular with most of the drivers and this year the teams turned up to see a new club house being built. It needs it. Although moderately warm, there was a strong wind around the marsh (which is a posh word for swamp). The head wind down the back straight would lead to some great slipstreaming throughout the day. Race 1 Big Cat Motorsport and Racecraft lined up on the front row for the first race of the day. The pole sitters led for the opening three laps before Racecraft nipped past. They soon came under pressure from KyritsHicks who had, unsurprisingly, come up from thirteenth and into the top three. G3Pro were also on a charge from fifteenth and soon got themselves into the leading battle. Overdraft Racing were also doing well in a one-off appearance. Maxx MPH made up some good progress in the first couple of laps to get into the top five before mysteriously dropping back. By contrast, Slickspeed were absolutely flying and matching the pace of the leaders. Back at the front and by half distance KyritsHicks had taken the lead. However, they had already been shown a penalty board for jumping the start. Although they crossed the line first, they dropped to third after the penalty. This handed racecraft victory and promoted G3Pro to second. Slickspeed were on course for fourth place but an off on the final corner dropped them to nineteenth. A sad end to a stunning drive. Keen As Mustard also picked up a penalty, which promoted Maxx MPH and Team DGB to sixth and seventh respectively. Race 2 Maxx MPH found themselves on pole for the second race of the day. KyritsHicks, Overdraft, G3Pro, Clunge and Keen As Mustard filled grids two to six, making it a competitive bunch at the front. The polesitters managed to hold the lead for the first lap before being overtaken by KyritsHicks. G3Pro followed them through and these two teams proceeded to have a ding dong that lasted all race. Clunge and Overdraft also managed to get by Maxx MPH and these three teams also began a race long battle. The attention was on the front, however, as G3Pro and KyritsHicks fought hard, exchanging places several times. Most of the overtaking was done at the end of the back straight due to the great tow aided by the strong head wind. Despite one or two pod to pod exchanges, the racing was very fair and very exciting to watch. Behind them, the trio of Overdraft, Clunge and Maxx MPH had been joined by Scuderia GM. At the flag, it was a jubilant G3Pro who managed to hold on to secure the victory. It was an epic dual by both drivers. Clunge managed to pull a gap over Overdraft (sorry for the alliteration there) as they had to defend from Scuderia GM. Sadly for the latter, they were handed a 4 place penalty for banditry which promoted Maxx MPH to fifth. Race 3 Suck My Pipe’s Spiro was once again doing all four races on his own – a pretty good effort for an old man. He was on pole for the third race of the day and surprised even himself by holding onto the lead for the first twelve laps. Scuderia GM were leading the charge and they nipped past, soon followed by the battling G3Pro and Racecraft. Having started near the back, a penalty awarded and with his team mate done for the day, Steve Hicks retired to focus his energy on the final race, knowing this race was likely to be the dropped score. Back with the leaders and it was fairly close among the top four. The flying G3Pro had managed to overhaul Scuderia GM. Racecraft soon got past as well. Old Men Racing were also in the mix. Suck My Pipe were doing a stirling job of holding off Overdraft Racing and the rest of the chasing pack but it was G3Pro who took win number two. Racecraft second and Scuderia GM third. Race 4 Old Men Racing were on pole for the final race of the afternoon. They managed to valiantly hold onto their position before Keen As Mustard snuck past on lap six. Meanwhile KyritsHicks were on another charge from grid nine and by lap seventeen had muscled their way past the Old Boys and into second. They quickly chased down Keen As Mustard, taking the lead on lap 24. For the final ten laps they built up a comfortable lead. Keen As Mustard and Old Men Racing were comfortably second and third, although Keen As Mustard had picked up a four place penalty for repeated physical assault behind the wheel. Overdraft Racing were not too far behind. G3Pro were struggling slightly in this race but they’d already pretty much sewn things up. Clunge Racing and Racecraft were also stuck in the midfield with the likes of Maxx MPH, Team DGB and Slickspeed. So KyritsHicks took the victory. Keen As Mustard finished second on the road but were demoted to sixth after their penalty. This promoted Old Men racing to second and Scuderia GM to third. Final Result With two wind and a second, G3Pro took their first win of the season. KyritsHicks finished second, although this will still probably count as a dropped score by the end of the season. Racecraft scored a fine third place and Old Men racing and Overdraft completed the top five.
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