Matt Brooks Wins El Scorchio

C100Buck 6778

Actually it’s the first time I can remember hearing John Vigor on the PA reminding everyone to keep hydrated, and extolling the virtues of H2O and the risks of hot-headedness, both physical and mental, which says it all really about the weather.

C100Buck-3124Jay Elliott had the honour of pole position for Heat 1 sharing the front row with Ian Blake, Jonathan Lisseter was well placed on grid 3 for the race, but failed to capitalise on the start so followed Blake out of turn 1. Darren Teal got on the line, Steve Brown, then a gap to Brooks winning out with Jack Harding through the infield. It left the rump of the field 2 wide 5 deep headed by Stephen Hicks and David Robinson filtering through the Esses. Dave Waters lost control into Pullmans, Scott Martin straightened him back up for Paddock. Callum McGregor, Parmveer Nijjar, squeezed Stuart Martin (or was he trying to insert where there was no gap?) and Ray Norris made it 4 wide out of Garda. Close your eyes… Ray got around outside of Senna along with Steve Bartlett. Lisseter tee’d up Blake through turn 1, Ian letting him have the inside of turn 2, he went 2nd, and the move rippled through the line. Teal took a look, but instead had to hold off Brown, which only created the opportunity for Brooks to bravely drive around the outside of Steve into the Esses. On to lap 6 Lisseter drove inside of Elliott into turn 1 for the lead, Blake coming through on his bumper into turn 2, Jay moved off Ian’s bumper going into hairpin 2 for a faster line out, but only made room for Darren Teal to dive up the inside, Elliott’s good start was unravelling badly. In a cruel replay the next lap he exited hairpin 2 behind Robinson and was 8th behind Harding into Esses. Teal out dragged Blake up to Turn 1 to go 2nd, again Ian not making it too hard, what was the point? It could only help Brooks behind. Then the big finish, Teal with a lot of top end pulled out from behind Lisseter to pass inside of turn 1 both Blake and Brooks jumped inside for 2nd into hairpin 1, 3 into 1 and the squeezed middle was Blake, squealing. Lisseter took 2nd back. Brown dived into squeeze Brooks between himself and Blake into hairpin 2. But Brown had to turn tightly and had his momentum rubbed off on Brooks so Blake was back in 3rd, Robinson was 4th into the Esses ahead of Brooks and Brown. I can only assume Teal crossing the line 1st had a penalty I’ve not seen, given 2nd to Lisseter, then Blake from Brooks and Brown – Robinson picking up an unspecified penalty in results, I’ll have to look closely for where when editing more cameras as he crossed the line 4th, scored as 6th. Good race though!

C100Buck-3206-Editt was a simple affair in Heat 2, Anwar Beroual-Smith had pole position put his foot down and drove clear into turn 1, Scott Martin on grid 3 just off his bumper couldn’t go with him, and grid 2 Parmveer Nijjar looked like he knew the score and busied himself with a plan to drive the long way around of turn 1 and 2 to keep up his momentum just to be inside of turn 3 to hold off Lee Clackett off grid 5 into the Esses. Anwar’s lead was already 0.6secs into Paddock and he was gone. Martin backed Nijjar into a fight with Clackett, Hicks and Jon Maycock. Clackett getting through into turn 1 on Parmveer. Waters dive bombed (pretty much) Maycock to move up into Paddock. Then it was Nijjar’s turn to nip out from behind Clacketts bumper into turn 1 but he messed up his braking into turn 2 to push Martin wide, Clackett out wider and let Hicks come through to 2nd, no penalty but it also let Waters into 5th,and Maycock back to 6th. At halfway Anwar was over 3secs clear of Hicks, Clackett had worked his way back through to Nijjar’s bumper and was coming through, I mean “I’m coming through” with pace to burn, they had both run Hicks back down. Clackett disposed of them both in a couple of corners on to lap 7. At the finish Beroual-Smith was 3.6secs clear, helped in some small measure by the topsy turvy battle behind. A very rapid Lee Clackett was 1.6secs clear of Hicks just holding off Darren Teal, Parmveer Nijjar and Ray Norris.

C100Buck-3339After an elbows out, “That line is mine!” first start, pole man Darren Teal led the re-gridded Pre Final, with Steve Hicks off grid 3 refusing Anwar Beroual-Smith’s turn in through him into turn 1, he was too deep already anyway to let him have it and this was Prems after all. Steve Brown let him have hairpin 2 as he was content to be where he started in 4th into the Esses. Over start finish the phoney war of looking and but not doing didn’t last long, Hicks inside of turn 3 for the lead, but that only meant he was defending into turn 1 the next lap with a line of karts beginning with Teal, ABS, Brown, Brooks, Lisseter and stretching back into the field. His defence set Brown up to go to 3rd inside Anwar. A close but failed move by David Robinson on Jonathan Lisseter at Garda on lap 4 broke the line and by half distance it was Hicks, Teal, Brown, Beroual-Smith and Brooks clear of Lisseter and then a hole to Elliott, Clackett, Blake, the catalyst Robinson, Martin and all the fun of the fair behind. Blake was moving through the amusements no doubt conscious of Anwar well placed with Brooks in the leading group, in terms of championship points. Ian moved up a gear. Teal dived up the inside of Hicks inside of hairpin 2 for the lead. Darren wanted a win, and Darren wants us all to know about his win as well.Hicks was forced on the defensive to hold off Brown, Brooks and ABS but succumbed to move into hairpin 2, Anwar following his lead to attempt the same move on Brooks. Brown’s pass worked on Steve but Matt was not having any of from Anwar, he crossed behind him and squeezed through inside into Esses all the while Jay Elliott and Ian Blake were using the opportunity to close. Down at Paddock Jay had passed Anwar and launched one down the inside of Brooks, off the corner it was 3 wide wheels on the grass for Brooks over to Garda. Brooks emerged around Cafe Curve to start lap 9, 1.4secs off Hicks, in 3rd place, with Beroual-Smith, Elliott, Robinson, Blake, Lisseter, Clackett and Harding nose to tail behind him and they all ran in the inside 6ft of asphalt into turn 1. Blake bullied Robinson out of 7th setting up a move a couple of corners from the finish on Elliott for 6th to be behind Brookes and Beroual-Smith – it might matter in the championship scheme of things, come the end of the season. Up front Teal drove a solid defence to the finish, Brown looked but was never able concentrate on the pass as Darren was backing him, ever so slightly, into Hicks at the same time, so it was Darren’s first final win of the season.
C100Buck-3353Pole sitter for the Final, championship leader since round 1, Anwar Beroual-Smith would later report being unhappy with his kart, as some may have read briefly about it on the forum. He would only finish 10th. To be strictly fair, Anwar’s unhappiness was fairly clear from the start, although as was briefly pointed out on the forum he has had a lot good karts this season. It’s swings and roundabouts.

It must have been galling, never the less, not to be able to race Ian Blake, his championship rival starting on his bumper on grid 3 straight up. Anwar got the hole shot, but a few kart lengths disappeared quickly, and he realised he could have, should have kart changed. Behind off the start Ray Norris flexed his muscle to maintain his inside line and moved passed Jack Harding off front row into turn 2, pretty sure Jack had known there was no way Blake would let him cross over in front of him to Anwar’s bumper into turn 1 so had never bothered trying. On to lap 2 Anwar was driving the very shortest route around Buckmore Park as was possible only venturing off the inside to come out a kart width or two for cornering purposes. It looked likely it was going to get bloody… Brooks moved by Norris into Garda. Anwar tried to hold off Blake into the Esses but there was already an overlap and, fair play, Anwar left precisely 1 kart width on the inside into the Esses, just enough to draw 7 karts into the leading battle. Ian had calculated he’d have to make the pass or force the issue quickly, with the group behind such as it was, they were never going to let him sit for long looking for a mistake from Anwar, and if Ian was going shilly shally looking for the clean pass he was going to get jumped himself. He shot for the lead in spite Anwar going narrow into Garda, but as before ABS pulled across a kart width or so at turn in to open the corner up for himself, and reaching down deep for his inner Mansell Ian crossed behind and threw his kart perfectly inside into a kart width gap. Unfortunately he was always going to run and wide, it was just too much speed for the entry line he was on. Brooks went through on the exit into a lead he would never relinquish. Norris pulled a similar move on Blake a lap later at Garda and set off after Brooks. And you know how that finished on the last lap and I don’t suppose Ray wants a replay of the rest of the race the nuts and bolts of which are in my introduction. He’s probably not looking forward to the video either.

Next stop is South Wales and the Llandow Circuit on Bank Holdiday weekend 30th August.