Lightweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.8

Unsurprisingly, James Reveler was on pole for final 1. The championship favourite once again looked on top form. He made a good start to lead from new boy James De Havillande who looked very rapid. Thanassi Barnicoat passed De Havillande for 2nd on lap 2 and these two proceeded to have a battle which allowed Reveler to extend his lead. De Havillande got back past on lap 11 and this time managed to stay ahead. By this stage, Reveler had opened up a gap of over 5s and went on to win comfortably.

Reveler was on pole again for final 2 with De Havillande once more alongside. Barnicoat was again looking menacing in 3rd as these 3 looked set to resume their battle for supremacy at Clay.

A poor opening lap by Reveler saw him demoted to 3rd. Barnicoat was at the head of the field at the end of lap 1 with De Havillande hot on his heals. Reveler recovered from his opening lap and soon started hounding these 2, getting past De Havillande on lap 6 and setting after Barnicoat. He despatched the leader on lap 8 but Barnicoat came straight back at him. The leaders got embroiled in a 3 way dice for the lead that saw many changes of position over the next few laps before Barnicoat eased out a 0.7s gap to win from Reveler and De Havillande.