Lightweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.6

The lightweight class saw Jamie Armstrong on pole ahead of championship favourite James reveler. Harrison Darvill did well to claim 3rd with Daniel Truman 4th and Luke Cousins 5th and needing a good result to keep the title fight alive.

Reveler shot off the line and took the lead from Armstrong. Truman, Darvill and Oliver Knighton followed through with Cousins dropping to 6th. Armstrong regained the lead on lap 4 in what was a close and race-long battle between the two. Daniel Truman was following closely behind the leading duo, ready to pounce should they over-cook it. Neither of them did and Armstrong won by a small margin over Reveler. Truman was a close 3rd.

Luke Cousins was keep to make amends and took pole for final 2. An impressive lap from Ricky Angel saw him 2nd with Truman and Rich Ward on row 2. The tables had turned and it was Reveler who found himself 5th while his main rival was on pole.

Cousins made a flying start and led Ward and Angel round the opening lap with Reveler up to 4th. Reveler took Angel on lap 2 and set after Ward. A man on a charge, he took 2nd on lap 5 and began closing in on Cousins. He made a move and took the lead on lap 8. Cousins lost out to Ward a few laps later but it was Reveler who crossed the line to take victory. Rich Ward was a happy 2nd with Cousins 3rd.