Lightweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.2

Round 2 saw a one-off appearance from endurance regular Justin Buck, and he went on to claim pole position for final 1. Jamie Armstrong was 2nd with Daniel Truman 3rd, Andrew Farmer 4th and James Reveler 5th.
Buck opened up a good lead on the opening lap. Truman jumped Armstrong with the rest of the field filing through. Laurent Lesourd went off on the opening lap. There were a few position changes further down the order but the running order at the front remained unchanged. Justin Buck maintained a good half second lead and won from Truman and Armstrong.
Frederik Gallagher took pole for final 1. Reveler was 2nd with Glen Beard doing well to get his Zimmer frame adapted kart into 3rd. The field once again got away cleanly and mostly in grid order. Beard dropped to 4th but soon battled his way back up into a podium position. Justin Buck was once again on form and up into 3rd from 7th on the grid. Beard and Buck battled hard for 2nd before Buck went off. This allowed Sheehan and Miguel Hall into the mix. James Reveler had fallen behind this group. Having led the whole race, a disappointed Gallagher lost out badly on the last lap, allowing Sheehan past to take the win. Hall came 2nd with Beard just managing to snatch the final podium position from a no doubt frustrated Gallagher.