Lightweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.7

Final 1

Dave Waters took pole for final 1 with Buckmore Park veteran Jack Harding 2nd. Ben Finch and Justin Buck made up row 2 with championship hopeful Stefan Child 5th.

Most of the field got round the opening lap in grid order with Waters leading the way and building a 1s cushion. He continued to pull away by a second per lap while Jack Harding was holding up a chain of karts comprised of Finch, Child, Buck and Milner. Apart from Waters up front, the whole field was extremely close. Having valiantly held off Finch, Harding finally relinquished the place on lap 6 and lost another place to Buck 2 laps later. By this stage, Waters was over 5s clear and duly won from Finch and Buck. Harding just managed to hold onto 4th with Child completing the top 5.

Final 2

Waters’ dominant form continued into final 2 with another pole. Stefan Child was 2nd with Ross Wheelaghan, Justin Buck and Ray Norris next up. Ben Finch was 6th and would be another man to watch.

The pole man once again got off the line cleanly but Stefan Child was passed by Wheelaghan at turn 1. Justin Buck had made a poor start and dropped to 9th. Over the course of the next few laps, the running order at the front remained largely unchanged with Waters leading the way. Jack harding was fighting his way up from a lowly grid position and got himself up to fifth. At trhe flag, it was another easy win for Dave Waters as he crossed the line 1.5s clear of Wheelaghan and Child.