Lightweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.5

With Simon Rudd apparently preferring to run at the back of the grid in Formula 4 rather than win Club100 races, the championship battle looks set to be a 3 way fight between Jack Harding, Stefan Child and Dave Waters. Harding took pole for final 1 with Ben Finch joining him on the front row and Stephanie Walters 3rd and Dave Waters 4th.

The field got round the opening lap mostly in grid order. Harding led the way with Finch and Walters following suit. Harding built up a comfortable lead over the next few laps and remained unchallenged. Dave Waters dispatched Stephanie Walters at around half distance to take 3rd. Stefan Child was the man on the move and was up to 5th from 10th on the grid. It was an easy win for Jack Harding and he crossed the line nearly 6s clear of Finch with Dave Waters taking 3rd.

Final 2 once again saw Harding on pole with Stephanie Walters once again impressing with 2nd on the grid. Dave Waters and Ben Finch were next up with Stefan CHild looking racing in 5th so it looked like being more of the same for this race.

Finch was the big winner at the start to jump from 4th to 1st. Stephanie Walters made a poor start and dropped to 6th, leaving Harding and Waters to fight over 2nd place. So began a race long duel between the two with Dan Milner and Stefan Child also getting in on the action. It all went wrong on the last lap when they collided and both went off. This promoted Milner to 2nd and Child to 3rd. Finch meanwhile cruised to his second win of the year.