Lightweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.4

Despite his early season dominance, Simon Rudd was once again absent. Seemingly disinterested in any races outside of Kent. A real shame as it would have been interesting to see how he fared in Club100’s second division.

It was Ben Finch who claimed pole. James Dowding, Stefan Child and Jack Harding would all be potential threats in this race. The front runners all got away in grid order and, in scenes similar to that at Monaco, the rest of the top 6 all followed round in a rather processional manner. Other than Ray Norris and Stephanie Walters battling for 5th place, the top 4 maintained thir position and finished in the same order.

Final 2 saw Ray Norris on pole ahead of Dave Waters, James Haslehurst, Ben Finch and James Dowding. Waters suffered from being on the outside and was bumped down to 5th. Dowding on the other hand made a great start to get into 2nd behind Norris. Finch, Harding, Haslehurst, dave Waters and Stephanie Walters were all battling closely behind the front two but within a few laps, a steady gap opened up between them all. Dowding slipped past Norris for the lead on lap 6 and opened up a comfortable 1s gap. Norris was comfortably ahead of Finch who had the attentions of Jack Harding. None of them had an answer for Dowding and he came home to win from Norris with Finch managing to hold on for 3rd.