KyritsHicks wrap up the title in style

September 7, 2018
Eddie Hall
Club100 made its second visit of the year to Rye House. The weather was slightly better than last time; the cold wet horribleness replaced with warm sunny conditions. Heat 1 Old Men Racing started the first race of the day from the pole with Team DGB second, Scuderia GM third, G3Pro fourth and Racecraft fifth, making it an extremely competitive group at the front. The pole sitters led the field away and the leading group completed the first lap pretty much in grid order. Scuderia GM nipped past team DGB for second on lap 3 while G3Pro lost out to racecraft and KyritsHicks who were up from grid seven. Old Men racing managed to hold the lead for over half the race, despite some passing attempts by GM. However, the chasing pack was running nose to tail and Scuderia GM soon came under pressure from the flying KyritsHicks. Holding the chasing pack at bay for 20 laps took its toll on the leaders and they eventually gave up the lead to KyritsHicks as well. The championship leaders subsequently disappeared leaving the rest to fight it out between them. It was all incredibly close with second to fifth covered by little more than a second. After a frantic last lapo, Scuderia GM claimed the runner up spot and G3Pro third. Racecraft came home fourth but poor Old Men Racing really lost out on the last lap, dropping to fifth. Heat 2 Starting second on the grid and first in class it was never going to be a surprise to see KyritsHicks storm to another win. Sure enough they led off the line and were in a class of their own. Big Cat Motorsport started second and initially lost out to Racecraft but soon got it back. Furth back, Maxx MPH Racing made a good start from twelfth and soon got themselves in the mix, gradually picking off their rivals and working their way into contention for a top three finish. While KyritsHicks proceeded to build up a ten second lead, a battle was emerging behind between Big Cat Motorsport and M&M. Maxx MPH Racing nailed Racecraft into Stadium and began closing in, pulling Team DGB along with them. Unsurprisingly, Chris Brown got a penalty for attempting to sodomise Darri Simms and received a penalty for his efforts. Maxx MPH got past M&M on lap 29 and were all over the back of the Big Cats. Sadly they ran out of laps and had to settle for third. KyritsHicks predictably won yet again. Heat 3 After a troubled second heat, Clunge were hoping for better things from pole in race three. They certainly made the best use of it and pulled a huge gap over everyone else in the early stages. The majority of their rivals started mid pack which gave them an advantage. Once again Maxx MPH Racing were on a charge and got up to third by lap eight, having started eighth. Second place was taken up by a class two team so there was really no pressure. However, as the leaders got held up in traffic, this allowed JEN Racing and Maxx MPH to close right up. Taking advantage of the ensuing (and rather unnecessary) battle, Maxx MPH slipped into the lead with three laps to go as the top two ran each other wide. Behind this exciting battle, Scuderia GM, KyritsHicks and Big Cats had climbed up from lowly starting spots but lost too much time in slower traffic to be any real threat. So Maxx MPH scored a fine win. Clunge came home second despite their argy bargy with JEN Racing. Scuderia GM were third. It was a less than successful race for the likes of G3Pro, Team DGB, M&M and Racecraft. Old Men Racing had a brilliant race which included an off and a black flag. Heat 4 Suck My Pipe started pole with M&M and Maxx MPH starting on the second row for the final race of the day. By lap two Maxx MPH were second and M&M third. A few laps later, Maxx MPH took the overall lead with a move at Stadium bend and held it for a handful of laps before the flying KyritsHicks made a move at hairpin 1 to snatch the lead. These two teams proceeded to pull out a sizable gap over the rest of the field but remained very close, rarely separated by more than half a second. Suck My Pipe dropped a few more places behind M&M and Big Cat Motorsport and these teams opened up a gap to each other over the next few laps. G3Pro, Scuderia GM, Old Men Racing and Clunge were all slowly working their way through the field after low grid slots. Sadly it was another poor race for Team DGB and Racecraft. Back at the front and KyritsHicks couldn’t shake Maxx MPH but were helped in traffic and eased out a gap over just over a second at the flag. M&M came home third with a second in hand over the Big Cats. G3Pro were some way further back but completed the top five. Final result So with three wins to count, KyritsHicks once again took the overall victory. This win saw them wrap up the championship in what has been a dominant year for the team. A win, a second and a third saw Maxx MPH take a fine second and Big Cat Motorsport’s consistent day saw them take the final spot on the podium.
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