KyritsHicks quad the quad

July 31, 2018
Eddie Hall
Before I summarise the races, I want to get something off my chest that has been bugging me for years. I’m going to mention this in all race reports because I feel it needs to be said: I think Club100 should introduce a new rule that states any driver who overtakes another driver and then does that pointy finger “come on, follow me, let’s work together” hand signal should be given a severe penalty – preferably involving a hammer or a blowtorch to the genitals. It’s annoying. It’s pointless. Don’t do it. You know who you are. (Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed – especially those involving blow-torching of genitals – are those of the race reporter and are in no way associated with Club100 or any staff member.) Race 1 Anyway, on a brighter note, the long summer continued as the teams arrived at Ellough Park, although it was cooler than in recent weeks with a strong head wind down the main straight. Team DGB lined up on pole for the first race of the afternoon and held the lead until lap two. Championship leaders KyritsHicks swept past and fairly disappeared into the distance. DGB then enjoyed a battle with Keen As Mustard (although the latter probably didn’t enjoy it as much). DGB managed to get back to second, leaving Keen As Mustard to get shuffled down to fourth. Big Cat Motorsport and Slickspeed were also in this battle at the front and Runtime Exception Racing were not far behind. Pure Racing were back for a one-off appearance and they had lost none of their speed; coming from grid sixteen to challenge the top six. Further back and Racecraft and Maxx MPH were busy trying to work their way up from the back of the grid and were embroiled in a tight battle. Although racecraft picked up a two place penalty for mild banditry so Maxx MPH sensibly held position behind them for the last few laps. Back at the front and it was an easy win for KyritsHicks. Team DGB held on to second and Big Cat just managed to hold off Slickspeed for third. It was a disappointing start to the day for G3Pro, SMJ and Old Men Racing who all finished way down the order. Race 2 Pure Racing were the highest starting class 1 team for race 2. After an aborted start, the field got away mostly cleanly. Tim Hill from Old Men Racing going off on the opening lap and driving round at the back for a few laps before parking it. Back at the front and Pure lost the class lead to Scuderia GM on lap two. Having started ninth, KyritsHicks were slowly making up ground, although not as quickly as we’ve come to expect. It took them until half distance before they dispatched Pure for second. They then closed in and fought hard with Scuderia GM. The two exchanged places a handful of times before KyritsHicks made the move stick on lap seventeen to take another win. Scuderia GM chased them hard for the remaining few laps, crossing the line barely a tenth of a second behind. Pure Racing were less than a second behind as well, coming home third. Team DGB scored more good points with fourth and Slickspeed were fifth. There was quite a big gap to the rest of the field. G3Pro and Runtime Exception were best of the rest. Maxx MPH, making a good recovery drive after dropping several places on the opening lap and picking up a cone abuse penalty, just beat Keen As Mustard. As Well as the aforementioned Old Men racing, racecraft and Big Cat Motorsport also had poor races. Race 3 G3Pro started on the front row with Runtime Exception racing and Slickspeed also right up there. However, an early race off for the latter two gave G3Pro an easy run at the front. At least for a while. They had received a penalty for jumping the start and would be docked two positions at the end of the race. It didn’t take long for the flying KyritsHicks to work their way up from grid nineteen to get right in the mix. Racecraft had also made great progress in the early laps and were challenging for the lead along with Big Cat Motorsport. A four-way dice for the lead soon emerged. Big Cat picked up a penalty for molesting a cone so, while they finished first on track, they were docked a place. G3Pro came home second but after their two place penalty for jumping the start this let the grateful KyritsHicks (who finished third on the road) to take the victory because, you know, they desperately need to win more races… So, the penalty system has become almost as bad as in F1 where the qualifying positions mean nothing because half the grid has a penalty. Oh and Scuderia GM also picked up a four place penalty for epic banditry. Race 4 SMJ Racing started the final race of the day from pole. Maxx MPH Racing, after a difficult day thus far, lined up just behind them. These two streaked away at the start and pulled out a three second gap over the chasing pack which was initially led by Old Men Racing who were doing a great job of keeping the rest of the chasing pack at bay. However, Pure Racing got past on lap nine and immediately started eating into the lead as the front two were squabbling. Scuderia GM and G3Pro were also on a charge but it wasn’t long before eyes were on KyritsHicks. From twenty-first on the grid, they were right with the leaders by half distance. Maxx MPH took the lead on lap 13 but by now Pure were right up their chuff and took it from them a few laps later. With Scuderia GM, G3Pro and KyritsHicks all behind, it all became a bit frantic. KyrtisHicks managed to get past them all and chase Pure, taking the lead with ease as Maycock tired. Behind them, the battle raged for third between Scuderia GM, G3Pro, Maxx MPH and SMJ. Ultimately G3Pro came out on top. Scuderia GM just managed to hold off SMJ with Maxx MPH finishing sixth. Final Result With four wins out of four it didn’t take a genius to work out that KyritsHicks would take their sixth win out of seven. Despite the usual level of road rage from Chris Brown, Team DGB managed to end the day with second overall. Pure Racing’s one-off appearance was well worth it. They nailed third.
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