KyritsHicks dominance continues

April 16, 2018
Eddie Hall
Race 1 SoundFP and KyritsHicks Racing found themselves allocated the two front row grid slots for the opening race of the day. With decent temperatures and the karts already warmed up courtesy of the morning’s endurance race, the afternoon’s action promised much. There was a bit of controversy right from the start as SoundFP blatantly jumped the start. Despite the shaking head tactic, the pole man dictates the pace so the inevitable 2 place penalty was justified. Actually, the controversy started in practice with both Maxx MPH drivers receiving a black flag for binning another driver off in the same place, but we won’t talk about that here… Anyway, SoundFP tried their hardest to maintain the lead and reduce the severity of their penalty. They managed to pull a gap to everyone except the charging KyritsHicks, who overhauled them at half distance and went on to win. M&M, who started 6th, finished third on the road but were promoted to second. G3Pro did well to finish fifth overall and fourth in class from grid 22. As did the likes of Keen As Mustard, Racecraft, Big Cat Motorsport and Maxx MPH, who all came up from back of the grid spots to finish in the top 10. Race 2 Big Cat Motorsport II led from pole position for the second race of the day and were never really challenged. The big gainer was race 1 winners KyritsHicks who came up from grid 18 to finish just over 3 seconds behind. There was a lot of battling going on behind with Old Men Racing, G3Pro, Scuderia GM and DGB all fighting and battling their way through the Class 2 teams. Big Cat 1, Clunge and Maxx MPH Racing got stuck behind class 2 team JEN Racing for much of the latter part of the race, losing ground to the leading teams. Scuderia GM lost two places courtesy of multiple contact warnings in their attempts to make up ground. It was quite intense up front. Old Men racing were in a battle with KyritsHicks and G3Pro; the trio swapping places throughout the race. In the end, KyritsHicks  emerged ahead to finish best of the rest behind Big Cat 2. G3Pro managed to hold of the old men for third. So with a win and a second from the first two races, it was already looking like another good result was on the horizon for Kristhicks. Race 3 By this stage of writing, looking at notes and lap charts is almost redundant. I may as well just say KyritsHicks won the race and save a bit of time. This time they came through from grid 13. They weren’t the only team to slice through from low grid slots however. Scuderia GM and Old Men Racing came through from grids 20 and 28 respectively to finish second and third in class. That wasn’t the whole story, however. Having started on grid 8, Maxx MPH made a great start and soon got into the lead, chased by the championship leaders for much of the race. They lost the lead with a handful of laps to go and them came under pressure from GM and the Old Men. An optimistic move on the penultimate lap to try and regain the lead saw them take to the grass and drop to fourth. Still a great result though. Race 4 Bi Cat Motorsport led from pole position. However, their time at the front would be short lived. They were passed by Clunge on lap 3 and then bumped down to seventh when G3Pro, Keen As Mustard and a few more flying class 2 teams came barrelling through. Maxx MPH was initially in the mix behind the leading few teams but developed handling problems and dropped out of contention, ending another frustrating day. By contrast, KyritsHicks was flying from grid 28 and soon found themselves battling with the leading teams. By half distance they were seventh overall. G3Pro were also flying and had taken the lead on lap 10. They built up a nice comfortable cushion to the karts behind, led by GM Motorsport. In the latter stages, KyritsHicks despatched GM for second. It was all very close at the front; there was an extremely close battle between KyritsHicks, GM, Clunge, Old Men racing and Keen As Mustard. A few second further back there was an equally close battle between the two Big cat teams. There were no concerns at the front, however, and G3Pro came through to win the final race of the day with ease. KyritsHicks held on for second, closely followed by GM. Final Result With two wins a and second to count, it was another fairly comfortable overall victory for KyritsHicks. G3Pro were best of the rest with some great drives netting them second overall. Scuderia GM beat Old Men racing to the final step on the podium, and Keen As Mustard and Clunge rounded out the top six. It’s only 2 weeks until the next race, which is at Rye House. Don’t forget it’s on the Friday!
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