JK Rolling make it three from three

April 16, 2019
Eddie Hall
I heard a handful of people bemoaning the fact that JK Rowling are punching below their weight and should really be in prems. As hard as it is for the rest of the inters field, this is always a danger when racing at this level. With a variable degree of talent and experience between team mates, it’s not always possible to get the classifications right all the time. If anything, it should encourage the rest of the teams to pull their fingers out a bit. So perhaps it was no surprise to see JK Rowling take pole position, not just in class but overall. DDMM Barnstormers lined up second in class. RG Racing were a long way off the pace but in third. 2PG, HOES Racing, Wisper, G3Pro G360, Mutley Crew and All Torque Rosso made up the remainder of the field. So with all the name plugging out of the way, the story of the race was that JK Rowling led from the start and never really looked back. DDM Barnstormers remained in second and had some great battles with clubman and premier teams, showing their driving is a match for their commentating. By half distance, G3Pro G360 had made the most progress and were running third in class. The rest of the field had spread out quite a lot and 2PG and RG Racing were the next up and a few seconds ahead of the father and son team Wisper. Having won the intermediate championship here back in 2005 with a certain legendary race reporter as a team mate, Ian Wilson and son Elliott weren’t having such a productive run today, again languishing at the back of the field. Wilson Sr admitted that his centre of gravity may have increased somewhat in the last decade or so. Back with the leaders and they continued to assert their dominance. DDMM barnstormers were basically in a race of their own and G3Pro G360 had broken away from the rest of the inters teams and settled in third. This order would be maintained until the chequered flag. JK Rowling won with a margin of two laps. In turn DDMM Barnstormers were two laps ahead of third place G3Pro. The only drama was All Torque Rosso and HOES Racing being found underweight and getting excluded from the race. So with three wins from three starts its fair to say JK Rowling are clear favourites for the championship now. Likewise, DDMM Barnstormers have three second place finishes to their name and are looking like being the closest challengers – such as that is. With G3Pro, RG Racing, Mutley Crew and Wisper really the only other regular teams in this class, the battle is really on for third place. At the moment I’d say G3pro are favourites but it’s a long season and anything can happen. The next race is at Llandow in May so let’s hope for something exciting to happen there…
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