It’s Armageddon at Clay and the title contenders are nowhere

September 30, 2019
Eddie Hall

Aston Racing and CKS Throatpunchers came to Clay as the two main title contenders. Aston Racing beat CKS to the win last time out at Whilton so the latter was out for revenge today.

Conman Racing took a sensational pole position. Auditing Armageddon looked like being a real threat as they lined up second in class. D&D Wildcard were third with JRG and AGP Racing fourth and fifth respectively. Notable teams not having such a good qualifying session included Runtime Exception Racing, Keen As Mustard, Slickspeed and CKS Throatpunchers.

Conman and Auditing Armageddon pulled away at the front. It was a disaster for CKS Throatpunchers as they were punted off on lap two and dropped to the back. Conman were looking exceptionally rapid in the early stages and giving the top prem teams a few headaches. They pitted on lap 11 as did Auditing Armageddon. This handed the lead to AGP Racing.

After the first round of stops, Conman were still leading and had extended their advantage over Auditing Armageddon. Keen As Mustard had made great progress and were now up to third. D&D Wildcard and AGP Racing were in a close battle over fourth place.

Auditing Armageddon slipped back into the midfield during the second stint and had a hard battle with Slickspeed. CKS Throatpunchers were slowly working their way back through the field and Aston Racing were also further down the order than usual. The two title contenders certainly didn’t look like adding to their points tally. After their podium finish last time out at Whilton, it was back down to earth with a bump for Lucid Initiatives. They ran near the bottom half of the midfield and didn’t look like coming away with much in the way of results. Cartman were also in this race (it’s been years since I’ve typed that).

A great middle stint saw Auditing Armageddon put themselves right back in the mix. Keen As Mustard had also driven a rapid middle stint and put themselves in a potential podium position. Conman’s early pace seemed to have vanished and they slipped back to third. 2SM were putting in a good performance and holding of the recovering CKS Throatpunchers, Slickspeed, D&D Wildcard, Lucid Initiatives and Ballinger Law.

Keen As Mustard’s run near the front came to an end when they picked up a black flag for multiple track limit violations. Runtime Exception Racing’s already unspectacular race was hampered further by a black flag. There were an incredible number of black flags throughout the race which made the running order very changeable. It was like watching a race full of Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean clones.

Auditing Armageddon managed to keep their nose clean and they built up a healthy lead over the rest of the field. Conman had picked up the pace again over the final stint and were back in second, although some way off the lead. 2SM were still running well in third but coming under increasing pressure from Keen As Mustard, who were still running well despite their earlier penalty – partly thanks to half the field also picking up black fags.

Over the closing stages, Auditing Armageddon’s lead became more than safe. They duly cruised home to take their second win of the season. Conman Racing came home second place and Keen As Mustard took their first podium in a long time, with third. Despite their earlier setbacks, the Throatpunchers did a great job of securing fourth. Seriously guys, well done. Marvelous, perfect, amazing, brilliant.

Still, fourth place for them is still a drop score at present so it may not count come the end of the season. With Aston Racing having a shocker, their respective championship positions and points remain unchanged. Auditing Armageddon’s win moved them closer to the top two but, with only two races remaining, it’s still pretty much a two horse race. Let’s just hope the two title protagonists have better luck at Red Lodge and Buckmore.

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