It’s Anwar all the way at Clay

September 30, 2019
Eddie Hall

With just three races remaining coming into this race, the championship is still wide open. All of the title contenders have had their ups and downs this year so the last few races are going to be vitally important. Clay Pigeon often produces some great racing and a full grid of 35 karts took to the track.


Top sprint driver Anwar Berousal-Smith made his first appearance in the sprint 60 championship and duly took pole position. Andrew Hall Jr joined him on the front row. The second row was made up of Gerard Moore and Mike Philippou. Chris Dean was fifth but first of the super heavy boys. Alex Pritchard and Richard Allen were seventh and eight respective but second and third in the super heavies.

race 1

Anwar Berousal-Smith maintained his advantage off the line and led the field round the opening lap. Mike Philippou dispatched Hall Jr for second. Chris Dean was a first lap casualty and dropped to the tail of the field. A great opening lap for Matt Edmondson-Jones saw him jump five places to fifth, and Steve Jennings also made a good start.

Berousal-Smith quickly set the pace and pulled away from the chasing pack. Mike Philippou was second and having to defend hard from Andrew Hall Jr, Edmondson-Jones and Joshua Craft. There was a bit of a gap to Tarik Almou who was first in the super heavies and had a comfortable two second lead over Alex Pritchard.

Andy Hall Sr and Phil Kendall were both having a good run, fighting over ninth place. Richard Allen, after a poor opening lap, was right in the mix as and running third in the super heavy class.

Berousal-Smith continued to lead the field and was slowly extending his lead. By lap 13 he had built up a four second margin over Mike Philippou who still had Edmondson-Jones all over the back of him. Edmondson-Jones got past the following lap but didn’t have an answer to the leader’s pace.

The midfield battle was very close. Alex Lammin, Daniel Russell, Philip Hoodless, Jack Noller, Damien Holmes and Steve Lindley were all running nose to tail.

Richard Allen had fallen back and was now fourth in the super heavyweight class behind Holmes. He was ahead of fellow lardarse Chris Dean who’d had a nightmare start and was now down in 22nd with fellow tubsters Paul Goddard and Richard Newton also in this battle.

Back at the front and Beroual-Smith continued to control the pace. The gap to Edmoondson-Jones continued to increase and, by just over half distance, he was nearly six seconds clear. The leading four had spread out by this stage and looked set to finish where they were. The battles were still going on further back. Super heavyweight leader Tarik Almou was doing a great job in fifth and still fending off Joshua Craft. Likewise, further back second place Alex Pritchard was battling with Chris Scivier.

Lap 26 saw Hall Jr’s race go from bad to worse and he was bumped down to 13th place. Although he would make up a few places over the last few laps, it wasn’t going to do his championship hopes much good so he parked up.

Craft finally got past Almou and into fourth overall. Up ahead the running order remained the same until the end. Beroual-Smith took an easy win ahead of Edmondson-Jones and Mike Philippou. The super heavy win went to Tarik Almou. Pritchard was second and Damien Holmes some way further back in third.

Race 2

Anwar Berousal-Smith took pole by virtue of his race one victory and, again, stormed clear off the line. Philippou again made a good start and jumped Edmondson-Jones for second. However, lap two saw Philippou off and he dropped to ninth. Edmondson-Jones settled into second with Joshua Craft third. The man on the move was Tim Hill and he was up to fifth and then got past super heavyweight leader Alex Pritchard for fourth on lap four.

By lap 12 Beroual-Smith had a commanding 7 second lead over Matt Edmondson-Jones. He was himself coming under increasing pressure from Tim Hill and Josh Craft. Both got past on lap 15. Edmondson-Jones then had super heavyweight leader Alex Pritchard and Mike Philippou to contend with.

Gerard Moore was eight seconds behind this battle and was holding up a train of karts led by Andy Hall Sr. Tarik Almou, Jack Noller, Alex Lammin, Richard Allen, Chris Dean and Spiros Chris… Christophoforou were all in the train.

By half distance Beroual-Smith’s lead was over ten seconds. Hill was still fending off Joshua Craft and Mike Philippou for second place.

Lap 23 and Tarik Almou lost three places and dropped to third in class behind Richard Allen. A cone penalty also scuppered his chances. Pritchard continued to lead the super heavies and was harrying Edmondson-Jones.

Craft finally managed to get past Hill on lap 27. Edmondson-Jones got past Philippou for fourth. The battle for second raged on and Hill got back past. Likewise, a few tenths back, Philippou was reclaiming his fourth place from Edmondson-Jones.

With the leader way out in front, all the focus was on the battle for second place. Lap 37 saw Craft take Hill. Philippou had recovered well after his early race drama and was now right behind this battling duo. A couple of seconds back and Edmondson-Jones had Alex Pritchard all over the back of him. Pritchard was putting in an exceptional performance from a super tubster. Jack Noller was seventh and Andy Hall Sr eighth. Son Andy Jr didn’t bother to start this race after his first race retirement.

Philippou got past Hill for third on lap 41 and set after Craft. On the penultimate lap, he made a move. Craft also lost out to Hill and dropped to fourth. Anwar Berousal-Smith by this stage had a lead of nearly seventeen seconds and won easily. Second place went to the optimistic Philippo, and Hill was third. Pritchard lost out to Noller on the last lap but still won the super heavy class. Chris Dean had a much better race and came home second. Richard Allen just managed to hold off Tarik Almou for third.

Final Result

With two dominant wins, the overall victory went to Anwar Berousal-Smith. Mike Philippou took second place and Matt Edmondson-Jones claimed the final spot on the podium. The super heavyweight win went to Alex Pritchard. Tarik Almou was second and Chris Dean made a welcome return to the podium after a long dry spell. He should be happy with third place.

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