It’s a Titan driver lockout at Llandow

May 9, 2019
Eddie Hall
Introduction Owen Jenman set a blistering pace in qualifying with a time of 51.637. The O’Neill brothers were second and third quickest; Andrew setting a time just one hundredth of a second quicker than brother Jack. Andrew Ward was looking rapid in fourth ahead of Greg Barnard in fifth and Eddie Hall in sixth. Chris Brown could only manage eighth fastest and it was another disappointing session for Geoff Saunderson who admitted again to struggling to get up to speed quickly enough. Other notable names having a less than successful qualifying session were Daryl Snelling and Ryan Sandall who were fourteenth and fifteenth respectively. Race 1 Owen Jenman made good use of his pole and led the field around lap one. Jack O’Neill took second from Andrew O’Neill. Andrew Ward lost out on the opening lap, dropping two places behind Greg Barnard and James Martin. The leading trio remained nose to tail over the first few laps. Further back and Geoff Saunderson was on the move, muscling his way past Eddie Hall for seventh on lap five and pushing him over the sausage kerb. He soon set his sights on Barnard, Martin and Ward who were just a few tenths up the road. Jack O’Neill took the lead on lap twelve from Jenman. The top three were running nose to tail with only a few tenths separating them. They pulled out a gap of just over a second over the chasing pack which was led by Greg Barnard. James Martin was fifth but Geoff Saunderson was gradually reeling him in, having dispatched Ward. Hall was running in eighth and the last in this train of karts with an ever increasing gap being built up over Martin Theodorou, Kyle Sagar, Jack New and Ryan Sandall. Further back, there were a few other dices for positions going on. Ben Smith and Jason Cole were fighting over the same piece of tarmac. There was a good six kart battle going on for the lower positions between Jack Hounsham, Stephen Westwood, Claudio la Rosa, David Hamer, Stewart Finn and John Regan. However, this battle would be broken up when the leaders came through to lap them. The fight at the front was still raging on. Jenman took the lead back on lap 20 but the O’Neill boys still clung on to his tail. The gap between these three rarely got above half a second in what was a stunning display of precision driving. It was only traffic late in the race that would decide things. Jenman managing to clear a number of karts to come home less than a second clear of Jack O’Neill. Andrew O’Neill came home third having taken a bit longer to overtake the slower drivers. James Martin just about managed to hold off Saunderson for fourth place. Race 2 With the Titan trio once again monopolising the front of the grid, the result was fairly inevitable right from the start. Jenman once again made the best start to lead the O’Neill boys round the opening lap. Andrew once again got in front of Jack. The rest of the field filed through pretty much in grid order. The battles were going on in the midfield with a number of position changes but the top ten remained largely unchanged. Jack New was the only man on the move and he quickly dispatched Eddie Hall and Andrew Ward before setting off after Greg Barnard which, by half distance, he had accomplished. James Martin and Geoff Saunderson were having an intense battle slightly further up the road. Jack New and Greg Barnard came to blows on lap 24 when New punted the latter into a spin. They both lost a handful of places and New was handed a penalty for his efforts. This promoted Ward and Hall up two positions. Further back, Sebastian Chodyko was fending off Chris Brown, Ryan Sandall and Ben Smith. There were a few other close battles going on behind but, at the front, it was a much easier race for leader Owen Jenman. He had built up a lead of over seven seconds. Andrew O’Neill was defending from Jack but lost out on the very last lap. Behind him, it was extremely close between Jack New, Eddie Hall and Andrew Ward. The latter tripped over a backmarker with a handful of laps to go, handing positions away to New and Hall. The last lap also saw a frantic scrabble for positions between James Martin and Geoff Saunderson. Martin lost out and Saunderson, New, Martin, Hall and Ward all crossed the line together. But it was Jenman who took a commanding victory from Jack and Andrew O’Neill. Saunderson was fourth and Jack New fifth. However, his earlier penalty would drop him to ninth. Final Result A perfect score of two wins gave Owen Jenman the overall win, breaking the dominance of Jack O’Neill. It was a Titan Motorsport podium lockout with Jack O’Neill and Andrew O’Neill finishing second and third respectively. Geoff Saunderson came home fourth and James Martin completed the top five.
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