It’s a G3 one-three

September 30, 2019
Eddie Hall

,With just three races remaining, the championship battle is very close between the top three. Titan Motorsport have the momentum coming into this race and appear to have had the legs on their main rivals over the last few races. Both Raceandclassics and G3Pro needed to do something special at Clay. The fast and flowing Dorset track usually produces some good, close racing.

G3Pro took pole position ahead of Titan Motorsport. were third in class but fourth on the overall grid behind the Clubman team Conman Racing. Team Applewood and Rotax Means Rotax were made up the top five. G3 Pro Farecla and SMJ Racing were next up. It was a disappointing session for SoundFP and they ended the session way down in 27th.

The polesitters made a great start and led Titan around the opening lap. All the front runners maintained their positions for the first few laps. Raceandclassics were the first team on the move and they got past Titan for second. G3Pro built up a good lead in the opening stint. They were the first of the front runners to pit, stopping on lap 13. Titan pitted five laps later. Raceandclassics did a long first stint and pitted right at the end of the window. Despite a slightly quicker stop, they emerged in second behind G3Pro but a couple of seconds clear of Titan.

Rotax Means Rotax were having a competitive showing and ran fourth early on. G3Pro Farecla were stuck behind a number of Clubman teams and trying to fight their way up the order. Team Applewood, SMJ and SoundFP appeared to be struggling and weren’t making much of an impression.

The second stint saw Raceandclassics up the pace and they quickly closed the gap to G3Pro. By lap 40 they had got to within half a second. Titan were still in the mix and running just over a second behind but were unable to get past the flying Conman Racing.

Another quick pit stop saw Raceandclassics jump G3Pro. They emerged from their second stop with a comfortable one second lead. Titan Motorsport ruined any chance of challenging for a win by picking up a black flag for ABC on title rivals G3Pro. Team Applewood managed to pick up two black flags in the space of two minutes. Good effort.

By half distance, Raceandclassics had opened up a sizable lead. G3Pro were second with G3Pro Farecla now riding shotgun. Rotax Means Rotax were fourth and falling into the clutches of the recovering Titan. Further back, Team Applewood were picking up yet more black flags. Sound FP’s miserable race wasn’t getting any better and they continued to struggle down the bottom of the timesheets. SMJ were also struggling near the back and certainly weren’t doing themselves any favours by picking up a black flag for repeated cone abuse.

Fast pit stops and solid pace saw Raceandclassics continue to lead. However, G3Pro were gradually reeling them in and, with half an hour of the race to run, they were closing by several tenths of a second per lap.

In the closing stages, G3Pro continued to reel in the leaders and emerged ahead after the final pit stop. Raceandclassic’s Jordan Hill admitted that they could have done little to prevent them from getting past on the track. It was an impressive drive and a well deserved win for the G3Pro boys. Second place allowed Raceandclassics to close the gap slightly to Titan who only managed fourth. The Farecla boys made it a G3Pro 1-3 as they came home a well deserved and very impressive third.

There are now just two races to run and there are ten points separating Titan from Raceandclassics.  G3Pro are a further ten points back and may or may not still be in the hunt. If it wasn’t so late on a Sunday night, if I’d had more than 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 nights and I actually knew how to add and subtract, I would do the maths. Either way, the next two races look set for a good title showdown.

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