Intermediate Endurance Championship 2014, Rd.7

October 3, 2014
Eddie Hall
Having competed in the previous day’s Clubman race and also done a spot of sprint racing, Chris’ Brown and Dean of Team DGB were well prepared for this race and duly took pole position. OUMDC were alongside them with STOaT Racing third, Get Out! fourth and the guest team EKL Womens Elite fifth and hoping to show the boys a clean pair of high heels. Title hopefuls Apteryx Racing were way down in 13th with a huge mountain to climb. Team DGB led away with Get Out! moving up to second. OUMDC dropped to third and were chased by EKL who got past on lap two. Get Out! kept Team DGB honest in the first few laps and remained just over a second behind. These two easily opened up a gap to the rest of the field. Team DGB opened a huge lead by the time the first round of pit stops had taken place and were leading Slickspeed who had done a great job to get into the mix. EKL were now third having despatched Get Out!. Poor Apteryx’s already slim title aspirations took a huge knock when they lost their chain early on. As we approached half distance, Team DGB’s were nearly half a minute ahead of Slickspeed with EKL third, Get Out! a few seconds back in fourth and two of the many KOKS teams next up. Further back, Runtime Exception Racing were leading STOaT Racing – these two teams not having the most compelling of races. Pixel Pirates were in the midfield scrum and, further back still, OUMDC hadn’t managed to convert their qualifying pace into race pace and were down in 21st. Poor Apteryx Racing were 30th and last after their chain failure. Over the second half of the race, Team DGB continued to open up a lead with Slickspeed maintaining a distant second. EKL’s early race promise faded during the middle of the race and they slipped down the order. This allowed Get Out! into third. Despite suffering from brake fade towards the end, Team DGB carried on to take their fifth win in seven races, making the championship just a formality.
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