Intermediate Endurance Championship 2013, Rd.1

February 23, 2013
Eddie Hall
Having spent the morning freezing to death and getting frostbite in unspeakable parts of my anatomy, I decided the best course of action was to go to the superb café in the club house, eat a disgustingly unhealthy English Breakfast, warm my todger up on the radiator and not venture outside for the whole afternoon. Spending a cold, dark evening staring at a timing monitor that didn’t work seemed almost as pointless as Nicki Minaj. The track had mostly dried by the time the Inters teams took to the track, although the conditions remained very slippery. Newly promoted from the rookie championship, Colin Riddy Racing signalled their intentions by claiming pole. Yet another BUKC graduate from the KOKS stable made their debut and took second on the grid. Haha Racing were third, veterans Lucid Initiatives on the pace in fourth and the Bookies Favourite (that’s the team name not a fact) fifth. Notable teams having a bad day were (28th), Pixel Pirates (29th) and (31st). The pole sitters were happy with their steed but were keeping their expectations low-key when I spoke to them on the grid. “The kart feels really good and has lots of front-end. I think I only managed to get a couple of clear laps so we’re happy. It’s obviously the best place to start from so we’ll just have to see how the start goes and take it from there.” It wasn’t the best start by Colin Riddy Racing and they dropped to fifth. KOKS took over at the front. However, the Riddy boys soon made up ground and by lap 10 they were back in the lead. Lucid Initiatives were having their usual early season show of form and were running well in the top 3. Parilla TT27 were also in contention. Colin Riddy Racing emerged from their first stop still leading. Lucid Initiatives were second ahead of Parilla TT27. It was good to see the Pikey’s back to being proper Pikey’s and even better to see them running up in fourth. However, their early race form wouldn’t last the distance and they soon dropped out of contention. As is pretty standard now, Lucid Initiatives’ day came to an end with a series of mechanical problems. First a broken chain and then a broken exhaust. The Bookies Favourite were also in trouble. By contrast, Pixel Pirates who had started 29th out of the 36 runners were blasting through the field. had started one place ahead and they were also now threatening the sharp end. Although the track was dry, the cold weather and grit laid down in the morning made things very slippery. A combination of this and the usual first race numptiness saw a number of spinners, collisions and black flags throughout the afternoon. Parilla TT27 had so far kept out of trouble and had jumped Colin Riddy Racing to lead as the race approached the half distance mark. Get Out were hounding them for second but also being chased by a hard charging KOK. In fact this became the main focus during the middle phase of the race as these 3 exchanged places a number of times and, in doing so, allowed, and Pixel Pirates to close down. This train of karts ran closely in what was an exciting battle (I assume it was anyway but, being in the warm club house drinking tea and talking to Buckmore’s Alan Wood, it was hard to tell). Parilla TT27 continued to lead the way and extended their lead over the KOKS, who were still embroiled in a battle with Colin Riddy Racing., Pixel Pirates, Runtime Exception Racing and the Pikey’s were next up. Further down the order, Akita MNR were having a rather unnoticeable race in the mid field with other familiar names of, Happy Racing, STOaT Racing and ARK Racing ahead of newer names like Shake & Bake and RDN Racing. A disaster struck the leaders later in the race and they lost 2 laps somewhere between my fifth and sixth cup of tea. This left the KOKS still standing hard and proud to carry the torch. Colin Riddy Racing also lost several laps in the latter stages (it’s very possible they could have collided but, having just started my seventh cup of tea, I was unable to find out). The battle for second between Pixel Pirates and was still raging As the light faded and the race neared its climax, the KOKS cruised home to an easy victory. An epic drive from Pixel Pirates and saw them take second and third respectively. Their duel would have no doubt been exciting to watch. The winners gave their verdict of affairs after the race. “We started higher than we expected because of a couple of black flags relegating people. We had a bit of a slip up and had to work our way up from the back of the field but we just kept plugging away and ended up here so it’s great.” The formbook after the first race looks interesting. Providing they are in for the whole season, it’s fair to say the KOKS look strong. Parilla TT27 obviously have the pace and could be contenders as could Colin Riddy Racing. Pixel Pirates were the surprise of the race for me so is this a sign of things to come? Providing round 2 is slightly warmer, I might actually venture out of the club house and watch the racing.
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