Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.6

July 14, 2013
Eddie Hall
Steven Crutchley line up in pole position for the heavyweight class. Keen to make up for a poor showing at the last round, Anwar Beroual-Smith took 2nd. Rob Nash and Peter Kay lined up behind these two. Notable names having a bad day were Russell Endean in 14th and Paul Williams in 16th. The top 2 got away cleanly. Further behind, 5th placed Josh O’Hagan made a great start to jump Kay and Nash for 3rd. The running order at the front remained largely unchanged. Crutchley continued to lead, edging a comfortable gap over Beroual-Smith. O’Hagan impressively hung on to third. Russell Endean was making great progress and made short work of the traffic to climb up to 4th, although he ran out of time to catch 3rd place man O’Hagan. Back at the front and Crutchley won by over 1s from Anwar Beroual-Smith. Final 2 saw the same front row as before, with Crutchley on pole with Beroual-Smith 2nd. Richie Wade and Josh O’Hagan made up round 2 with Russell Endean much closer to the front in 5th. Crutchley made the most of his pole and led Beroual-Smith, Wade and Endean round lap 1. Beroual-Smith got past on lap 2, demoting Crutchley who lost out even more on the following lap, dropping to 4th behind Wade and Endean. Wade was under pressure from both Endean and Crutchley and finally succumbed on lap 8. By this stage, Beroual-Smith had built up a 5s lead and was uncatchable. He eventually won by 7.5s from Endean. Crutchley beat a stubborn Wade to third.
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