Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.5

June 26, 2013
Eddie Hall

Sam Fisher was the man on form in qualifying and he claimed pole. Championship contender Russell Endean was 2nd with Liam Hitchin 3rd. Anwar Beroual-Smith had a disastrous session and started way down in 18th.

The leaders all got away cleanly. Endean took the lead and led Fisher round the opening lap. Steven Crutchley dispatched Hitchin for 3rd and set about trying to close the gap to the leaders. Further back, Beroual-Smith’s day was going from bad to worse and he found himself in the back-of-the-grid melee and off the road on lap 2.There was an exciting battle for the lead as Fisher continued to hound Endeen. However, he ran out of time and Endean won by a tenth from Fisher with Crutchley 3rd.

Fisher was once again the man on form as he took pole for the second final. Josh O’Hagan did a great job to line up 2nd with Crutchley and Endean on row 2. Anwar Beroual-Smith was once again looking out of sorts down in 21st.

O’Hagan made the best start and led the field for the first few laps. Peter Kay made a great start to get into third at the expense of Rob Nash and Crutchley. He then caught and passed Fisher for 2nd. However, Endean was also a man on the move and got past them all for 2nd before making a move on O’Hagan for the lead on lap 12. Kay opportunistically followed him through to take 2nd at the flag. Fisher also nipped past in the closing stages as poor O’Hagan was demoted to 5th.

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