Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.2

Anwar Beroual-Smith carried his good form from Buckmore and qualified on pole for final 1. Scott Chaney was 2nd with the experienced Robert Nash 3rd. Chaney got the jump on Beroual-Smith and led the opening lap. Russell Endean made a good start from grid 5 to launch himself into 3rd. However, the race was really between the front two and they eased a comfortable gap to the rest of the field. Beroual-Smith hounded Chaney for lap after lap but the latter kept his nerve and one by barely 3 tenths. Russell Endean secure 3rd, some 3 and a half seconds further back.
Beroual-Smith once again found himself on pole for final 2. Paul Crawford did a great job to qualify 2nd with final 1 winner Scott Chaney close behind. The field largely got round in grid order with Beroual-Smith leading from Crawford, Endean, Nash and Chaney. The order remained largely unchanged for the first few laps. Beroual-Smith opened up a 3 second gap to Crawford who was struggling to keep the chasing pack at bay. Endean nipped past on lap 5 but was dropped by Crawford and Chaney a lap later and went off. This left Beroual-Smith to cruise to an easy win with Endean 2nd and Crawford 3rd.