Heavyweight / Super Heavyweight Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.1

A win apiece in the qualifying heats saw Stephen Jennings take pole ahead of Stuart Martin for final 1. James Childe and Aiden Ball were next up ahead of Easykart legend Andy Gould. However, both Gould and Martin failed to make it round the first lap in one piece. Jennings led the way from Childe and Garard Moore. Childe was soon dropped by Moore, Dan Hoy and Jamie Bird. Meanwhile, Jennings maintained a healthy lead to eventually win by over 2s. Gerard Moore came up 2nd just ahead of Dan Hoy.

James Taylor, fresh from modelling erotic lingerie in New York, took pole for final 2 with Jennings once again impressing with 2nd. However, the latter made a poor start and dropped to 6th. Taylor was being chased down by Gerard Moore and the flying Dan Hoy, who had come up from 6th on the grid. By lap 4 he had nailed both Moore and Taylor and wasn’t touched again. Endurance man Aiden Ball was showing good form and dispatched his rivals to get into a podium position. He ran out of time to get past Gerard so had to settle for 3rd. Hoy took the win to take the early lead in the championship.