Heavyweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.6

July 14, 2013
Eddie Hall

This race saw the return of 2007 Lightweight champion Jon Pethick. Proving he’d lost none of his speed, he cruised to an easy pole. James Childe was 2nd, Barney Langley 3rd, Alex Ring 4th and sprint returnee Pete Cowan making up the top 5.

The big loser at the start was James Childe, who was bumped down to 4th. Pethick built up a comfortable gap on the opening lap with Langley and Cowan battling closely for 2nd. Cowan finally got passed Langley on lap 4 but could do nothing about Pethick who continued to extend his lead and was over 5s up the road as the last lap board came out. He duly won with Cowan an impressive 2nd and Langley 3rd.

Paul Jennings claimed pole for final 2 ahead of the ever-present Pethick. Mike Bodnar and Stuart Martin made up row 2 with Chris Brown completing the top 5.

As in final 1, the grid 2 man was bumped down to 4th as the grid filed through turn 1. Jennings led from Bodnar and Martin, leaving Pethick with his work cut out. He made short work of it and dispatched Martin on lap 2, Bodnar on lap 4 and Jennings on lap 7. The running order remained largely unchanged for the remainder of the race and Pethick crossed the line to make it a double win. Jennings came home 2nd and Bodnar 3rd.

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