Heavyweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.5

June 16, 2013
Eddie Hall

Paul Jennings took pole for final 1 with very impressive performances coming from Alex Ring and Alex Withington (2nd and 3rd respectively). Ring took the lead at the start and built up a small cushion over the chasing pack that was led by Paul Jennings. Brother Paul Jennings was a main on the move and working his way into a podium position by half distance. Aiden Ball was also working his way through the field. After a good qualifying, Alex Withington was slipping down the order. Back at the front and Paul Jennings had been closing the gap to Ring and made a move on the final lap. Brother Steve took full advantage and nipped through as well, demoting poor Ring to 3rd but making it a Jennings 1-2.

It was another Jennings 1-2 as this time Steve took pole ahead of brother Paul. Aiden Ball was looking menacing in 3rd with James’ Childe and Bird rounding out the top 5. The pole man made a poor getaway and lost the lead to brother Paul and Aiden Ball. However, Ball went off on lap 4 and left the Jennings brothers to run away at the front. Stuart Martin had done well to get up to 3rd but it didn’t take long for Jamie Bird to pass him. Back at the front and the Jennings boys were making their mum proud as they went on to yet another 1-2 finish with Paul once again beating Steve. Can anyone tell me when the last time 2 brothers finished 1st and 2nd on the podium twice in one day? It could be a world first…

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